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The Truth About Rust | Affordable Plumbing Sacramento

Affordable Plumbing Sacramento | Rusty water and Rusty Pipes

Rusty Water??

Here is what’s going on, and what to do about it:

The water that comes out of your faucet should be clean and clear. One day, though, you may turn on the tap to find that the water is cloudy red or brown. While there are many chemicals that can cause water to change colors, a likely cause is rust. In Sacramento, plumbers often get calls from concerned homeowners who find they are about to drink or bathe in rust.

This is because the city has many old homes, built with iron or galvanized steel pipes. Over time, these metals react with water and oxygen to form rust. The pipes in newer homes are more likely plastic, which does not rust.

The Problem With Rust

Rust can form in one small spot or along the length of a pipe. Since the metal itself is changing into something new, the process can weaken pipes. This can lead to holes, leaks, and collapses.

If you notice rust in your water, don’t panic. First of all, know that a little rust will not hurt you if you drink it or wash with it. It may look gross, but it is not considered harmful.

You may want to worry about where the rust is coming from, though! There are a few possibilities to consider.

Sources of Rust

Rust may appear in both your hot and cold water throughout your house. If it doesn’t go away when you leave the tap on, there may a broken city water main. It may also be due to a recently used nearby fire hydrant. In these cases, contact the city with any concerns.

If rust appears in just your hot water, this could be a sign of an aging hot water heater. While the rust won’t hurt you, it can hurt your property! A leak due to a steel hot water tank breaking down can lead to thousands of dollars in damages. Don’t let this go without some investigation. To fix this, you can drain and flush or replace your hot water heater.

Rust could also appear in your cold water. When this happens, the problem is likely in your pipes, especially if it’s only in one or two faucets. If just a small amount of rust broke off, it should clear up if you let the water run for a few minutes. If the pipe is corroded, the water will quickly turn brown again or may never clear up. At this point, it requires deep cleaning or replacement.

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Don’t Let Rusty Water Ruin Your Day!

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