Is Hydro Jetting the Best Option? Affordable Plumbing Tips

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Is Hydro Jetting the Best Option? Affordable Plumbing Tips

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Are you having to clear your drains a couple of times a year? Or do you experience slow drains?

This can often happen with plumbing as it gets older. Over time, your pipes will develop a build-up on the inside. This is from years of grease, food, and gunk going through your lines. Eventually, the inside diameter of your pipes is reduced by this build up, making clogs more likely.

Hydro Jetting to the Rescue

Some people use a chemical drain cleaner to try and clear out a slow line. Chemical drain cleaners can sometimes dissolve the interior build up, however, they are not always effective. Additionally, chemical drain cleaners can sometimes damage your older pipes, and can sometimes be harmful to the environment.

Hydro jetting is a simple solution. Additionally, it is environmentally friendly, and highly effective at cleaning your pipes from the inside-out. It works by blasting highly pressurized water through your pipes. This provides for a thorough cleaning, and can remove years of build up.

Do I Need Hydro Jetting?

A professional plumber can tell you if it is the right choice. The team at Always Affordable Plumbing knows when hydro jetting will work best. In some cases, we may need to recommend a different solution. For example, hydro jetting may not be best for root intrusion.

If your drains are running slow, call Always Affordable Plumbing at 916-970-0099 to see if hydro jetting can fix your problem.

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Affordable Plumbing Sacramento | Hydro Jetting Solutions