Keep Flushable Wipes Out of Your Pipes

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Keep Flushable Wipes Out of Your Pipes

Sacramento’s Always Affordable Plumbing Encourages You to Avoid a Major Source of Clogs

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Toilets are made to handle one thing and one thing only: human waste.

OK, technically, they also handle toilet paper. But that’s it! In other words, flushing anything else can lead to blockages, clogs, and backups. As Sacramento-based plumbing experts, the Always Affordable Plumbing team has seen more than a few pipe problems caused by wipes.

Why? Firstly, many bathroom wipes—whether for babies or adults—are labeled “flushable.” However, just because the packaging says it, that doesn’t make it true.

Flushable Wipes Hype: Don’t Believe Everything You Read

“Flushable” wipes have become popular in recent years. From moist sheets for general use to products marketed as strictly for “guys,” you can find wipes in many stores. You can also buy them online for home delivery.

And here’s the thing: Wipes work! They are great options for cleaning up messy babies, and grown-ups are no different. After all: a mess is a mess.

But even though they clean sensitive areas well, they have a major strike against them when it comes to plumbing: They do not properly break down—not in home systems, and not in public sewer lines.

Instead, so-called “flushable” wipes wad up, snag on other debris, and start collecting more stuff. In other words, wipes can cause major headaches for homeowners and sewer workers alike.

Pay Attention to People Who Know Pipes!

We mentioned that wipe packaging can be misleading, but that’s just one part of the problem.
learn more about what you should and shouldn’t flush right here!

Secondly, some people have a lot of faith in their pipes! The Always Affordable Plumbing team knows this because we see far more than so-called flushable wipes causing clogs. Emergency plumbers in Sacramento have also found thick paper towels, rags, and a wide assortment of items used for cleanup. That is to say, people are flushing all kinds of things they should know don’t belong in any pipes. That’s even without labels telling them otherwise.

Any plumber will tell you: Flush toilet paper and only toilet paper. Toilet paper is made specially to break down after flushing.

The Cost of Clogs

As with other pipe-plugging material (such as FOG), wipes can cause blockages that require repair. For example, a glob of paper towels can stop wastewater from flowing into the sewer system, causing in-home flooding. Ever see an overflowing toilet? It isn’t pretty.

Further, unflushable material from multiple homes can cause the same problems in city and county systems. Major clogs can damage civic pump stations. Large-scale repairs cost money, and the costs often come back to haunt taxpayers.

So What Can You Do?

If you really need wipes, there is a simple solution to the “no flush” problem: You can throw them away.

This is a common chore for families with babies. Think of all the hundreds (thousands?) of diapers changed over the years. Pretty much everything a baby produces—along with the wipes used to clean babies’ behinds—goes in the garbage. You wouldn’t flush a diaper down the toilet, right? Similarly, send any used wipes to the dump along with the diapers.

As for adults?  Well, we’re not telling you what to do beyond not flushing wipes down your toilet. If you truly can’t live without them, develop a system in the same vein as diaper changing. In other words, take out the trash, and take it out often.

Move It Along

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