What Are the Signs You Need Professional Drain Cleaning Services?

What Are the Signs You Need Professional Drain Cleaning Services?

So your drains are starting to clog and make weird sounds. Or you’re noticing standing water piling up in your bathtub or sinks. As important as sinks, bathtubs, and toilets are, one of the biggest concerns for homeowners is clogging within their plumbing systems. Fortunately, professional drain cleaning services are here to help, but for many homeowners, the line between “DIY project” and “call for help” is much thinner than you might think. So when should someone reach out to their local drain cleaning team? We’ll break down some of the most significant signs below.

Slow Draining or Standing Water in Plumbing Appliances

Water should slide right down the drain just as quickly as it came out of the faucet. However, when the space within your drains becomes a bit cramped, you’ll notice water piling up more frequently than usual. In more severe cases of clogged drains, water will take so long to leave that it will start to pile up. As this standing water sits around waiting to drain, you’ll notice large water pools collecting in bathtubs or sinks. Contact your local plumbing service to find out what’s stopping your water from draining freely.

Weird Noises From Your Drains

If you’re hearing gurgling or bubbling sounds from your drains, there might be an object or two that the water has to squeeze past to flow through the system. Additionally, clogs can cause oxygen to reverse its flow, generating weird sounds. Even if you hear clogs but feel like your water isn’t backing up, it can suggest a deeper clog within your system. Don’t ignore the problem; instead, reach out to local plumbers for a complete diagnosis.

Weird Smells From Your Drains

Yes, pipes are responsible for collecting dirt and grime and taking it downstream with the rest of your neighborhood’s water. But you shouldn’t actually smell all that waste coming from your drain, and it definitely shouldn’t have a powerful odor. Bad smells mean that food or grease is backed up, and something is causing it to stick to the pipe walls or fail to go down.

Clogging That Occurs More Frequently

An occasional clog might not indicate a severe issue, but the worse your drain backups get, the worse the clog is getting. Drain problems don’t often solve themselves, and the longer you let clogs pile up, the more pressure you put on your plumbing appliances. Before you have to make a call for a lengthy set of plumbing repairs, get your drains cleaned by professionals and prevent clogs from getting worse.

Bugs? Yes, Bugs!

Fruit flies and other insects are attracted to the dirt, grease, and other material in your drains. By no means are drains sanitary (another reason you should turn to professionals), and this attracts some of the more annoying pests to your drains. So if there’s a sudden increase of fruit flies in your home or surrounding certain drains, it indicates that bugs are finding something appealing within your plumbing system. 

Multiple Drains Clogging

Clogs often revolve around one or two drains in your home. Kitchen drain clogs shouldn’t extend into the upstairs bathtub or your basement bathroom sink. One of the most prominent signs of a deeper drain problem is when multiple drains around your home start to clog at similar times. This means there’s a significant issue with your main sewer line, which is definitely not something you should tackle on a Saturday morning. Contact your local drain cleaning company immediately!

Drain Problems Won’t Improve on Their Own — Contact Always Affordable Plumbing & HVAC Today!

Whether you’re dealing with clogged drains or foul smells coming from your drains, the best option is to always turn to the experts. Ignoring your plumbing problems will only allow them to worsen, and not everything can be solved with drain cleaners or by snaking a drain.

Homeowners searching for a quality drain cleaning service in Sacramento, CA, should look no further than Always Affordable Plumbing & HVAC. Our drain cleaning experts help diagnose issues and clear up shallow or deep clogs within your system. With the right tools for the job and a few clever tips and tricks, we’ll help your toilets flush properly and prevent standing water in sinks and bathtubs. Contact us today for an evaluation of the drains in your home!