Best Plumber Tips: How Chemical Drain Cleaners Work

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Best Plumber Tips: How Chemical Drain Cleaners Work

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Do chemical drain cleaners actually work? Or do they just do more damage to your pipes? Keep reading this installment of best plumber tips by Always Affordable Plumbing to learn more.

Slow drains are a common home plumbing issue. The problem can range from very simple to resolve, to much more complicated and costly. It all depends on what is going on in those pipes.

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The 411 On Chemicals

You may have heard some information about chemical drain cleaners being dangerous for your pipes. That may be the case in certain situations. However, chemical drain cleaners can also be a very affordable and quick plumbing fix.

There are different types of chemical drain cleaners: gel, powder, and liquid. They all work in a similar way by creating a chemical reaction that breaks up the clog.

Caustic Chemicals

In some cases, the chemicals used are extremely caustic. “Caustic” is just another way to describe a chemical reaction that is able to burn or corrode organic material. Heat dissolves the clog. This is how a clogged drain can be cleared by chemical drain cleaners. The main thing to understand about caustic-type chemical drain cleaners is that they are usually heavier than water, which allows them to reach a clog in standing water.

Acid Chemicals

Acid drain cleaners are typically reserved for professionals. This is because they are dangerous to handle. Acids can be very effective at dissolving a clogged pipe.


Typically, these types of drain cleaners use things like peroxide and bleach to create the heat chemical reaction and oxidize the blockage. These products are also usually heavier than water. Accordingly, they can work well when you have standing water.

Pipe Damage?

Given that these chemicals create a strong heat reaction, is it possible that pipes can be damaged while clearing the clog? Yes, that is a possibility. However, this would likely only occur with older, metal pipes. Always follow the directions carefully, and do not overuse these products.

Are They Safe?

The worst thing about chemical drain cleaners is that they are quite dangerous. Forget about your pipes for a second. These chemicals can be very harmful to YOU if not used as directed.

Caustic chemicals can cause burns on skin, eyes, and even eat through clothing. They can be dangerous if inhaled, and deadly if swallowed. So, while they may be effective on fixing a clogged pipe, you must treat them with the utmost safety.

Chemical Cleaner Tips:

If you are going to use chemical drain cleaners, follow these simple safety tips:

  • Always follow the directions closely
  • Use them in a well ventilated area
  • NEVER mix chemicals
  • Keep them stored safely away from kids and pets
  • Wear rubber gloves
  • Be mindful of splashing
  • Wait 15 mins before flushing with hot water

If one application does not do the trick, follow the directions to see if a second application is needed. Keep in mind that there are some pipe problems that can’t be fixed with chemical drain cleaners. In those cases, it is best to call out the professionals! A professional plumber can use a special camera in your pipes to identify the exact problem. This may end up saving you time and money.

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