Sacramento Best Plumber Tips-Approved Tips for Slow Drains

Sacramento best plumber tips | Always Affordable Plumbing slow drain tips

Sacramento Best Plumber Tips-Approved Tips for Slow Drains

Try These Fixes Before Calling an Emergency Plumber

Some Sluggish Sinks Just Need a Little Help

Sacramento Best Plumber Tips | Slow Drain Tips

Everyone is busy these days, what with kids at home, demanding work schedules, and day-to-day errands. As a result, you don’t have time to spare on stuff not working the way it should.  You need your Internet to be fast, so websites load without making you wait. You need your car to start without fuss when you turn the key. Likewise, you need your drains to work so dirty water doesn’t sit in the sink and slowly trickle out.

Ask any Sacramento plumber: Sluggish drains are common. But that doesn’t mean you have to put up with them. Soap scum, bacteria, and more can sit and make a bigger mess for you to clean up later. And as we’ve already noted, you don’t have time for that!

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to ensure your drains move liquid along the way they should. A little effort now can make a big difference.

“Feed” Your Drains a Healthy Diet and Avoid FOG

Think of drains like your own arteries. If they get clogged up due to too much greasy food, there are some solutions. Medical treatments can clear out the harmful gunk. Sometimes emergency procedures are necessary. These technically work as solutions. Meanwhile, you’re paying for the “cure” with your time and money. Wouldn’t it be better to keep everything clean and healthy in the first place?

Don’t dump butter or other fats down your sink. Put grease in the trash. In addition, made sure oils stay out of your pipes. All of these substances can coat your pipes and make slowdowns—and worse clogs—more likely.

Introduce a Little Heat

If you have put more grease down your drain than you should have (in other words: any grease), don’t panic. Even if your drains are slow, fats and oils may not be the problem. Or they may not be the only problem. Soap residue, hair, and more can also constrict pipes and create obstructing tangles.

A tea kettle’s worth of boiling water may be enough to get everything moving again. Please note that this works on metal pipes. In other words, plastic pipes might be damaged by high-temperature water. Likewise, old pipes—even metal ones—might not be able to handle the heat. Most importantly, if you want to try this strategy, be sure you know what sort of pipes you have. If you do have plastic or old pipes, or simply aren’t sure, just try very hot water.

Remember Science Fair Volcanoes?

Anyone who attended a science class in school likely saw a chemical reaction demonstration. In other words, baking soda plus vinegar equaled a bit of an eruption. This same combination can give a sluggish drain a jolt.

Firstly, start with a hot water pour—keeping in mind everything mentioned above about being careful with pipes. Then pour half a cup of baking soda into the drain. Then, let it sit. Next, mix a cup of vinegar with a cup of hot water and pour that in. The bubbling, foaming reaction should loosen buildup and send sludge packing.

But be careful! Just like those science fair volcanoes, you may see an eruption. In other words, don’t put your eye right over the drain to watch what happens.

After the chemical reaction dies down, follow up with another round of clean hot water. You should be good to go!

It’s OK to Give Us a Call

Sacramento best plumber tips are our way of trying to save you the time and money of having us come out for an easy fix. If you’ve tried these tactics and still have sluggish drains, that’s OK. We’re here to help. We can also give you a hand if you’re not sure what sort of pipes you have and want to be sure you don’t turn a little problem into a big one.

Above all, your time is important. Whether these tips help you focus on what’s most important or you call us to fix the drain, the important thing is making sure your sink if not something that causes snags in your day.

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Sacramento Best Plumber Tips | Slow Drain Tips