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Best Bathroom Upgrades for Your Business | Commercial Plumbing

Commercial bathroom upgrades at your business is a great investment and may also help with COVID-19 restrictions.

Commercial Plumbing Sacramento | Commercial Bathroom Upgrades

One oft neglected part of many businesses is the bathroom. If you have a public bathroom in your business, or even just a bathroom for customers, then the cleanliness and functionality of the bathroom is critical. Even if you just have an “employees only” bathroom, it is still important.

The bathrooms at your business should be thought of as a reflection of your overall brand. Keep reading for some of the best commercial bathroom upgrades that will take your business to the next level.

A Reflection of Your Brand

The bathroom is a not only a place where people do their most, um, private of bodily functions, it is a place that gives customers and employees a “peak behind the curtain” so to speak.

Many businesses neglect the importance of their bathroom space, thinking that since it is not “forward facing” to the customer, it does not deserve the attention of the rest of the business space. This could not be further from the truth. When a customer or employee uses the bathroom, it is a (mostly…usually) private time for them. It is also a moment away from their group, perhaps. Or a brief escape from noise. A quiet place to check in with a friend during a blind date. Maybe even just a brief respite from the job. A place to relax for a moment, relieve themselves, and check themselves in the mirror (if your bathroom even has one).

Most importantly, the bathroom is a space that can be a “behind the curtain” view of your brand. I mean this literally and figuratively. Literally, by posting brand related decor or information, providing continuity to the whole guest experience. Figuratively, because a dirty bathroom in disrepair will taint the guest experience, no matter how good the food or service that business provides. For example, a dirty bathroom in disrepair at a restaurant begs the question of the state of sanitation for the kitchen.

Give your commercial bathroom the treatment it deserves by making sure it has what we consider to be the best upgrades you can make to your business bathroom. These upgrades not only elevate the functionality and look of your bathroom, but they also eliminate a potential source of germs…a feature that must be taken seriously in light of COVID-19.

Touchless Faucets/Fixtures

Unless you have been under a rock, then you know the importance of handwashing. As a way to prevent infection transmission, it is critical. Proper handwashing can be facilitated by the right fixture. There is nothing worse then properly washing your hands, only to have to touch a dirty faucet to turn off the water. Talk about defeating the purpose!

One of the best upgrades you can make to your business bathroom is to install a touchless commercial faucet. These come in a multitude of designs, so it is easy to find the right look for any business.

A touchless faucet allows your guests or employees to effortlessly wash their hands properly, and avoid immediate recontamination.

Match your touchless commercial faucet with a touchless soap dispenser and you are officially on your way to a modern, sanitary, commercial bathroom upgrade.

Auto Flush Toilets and Urinals

The next obvious upgrade after your faucet should be the toilets and urinals to feature auto flush valves. These are all part of recommendations that not only improve and modernize your commercial restroom, but reduce the amount of (potentially) contaminated surfaces that people have to touch.


Touchless Towel Dispenser

We are talking about paper towel dispensers here, not hot air dryers. While it may still be up for debate, at least one research study determined that “many kinds of bacteria, including potential pathogens and spores, can be deposited on hands exposed to bathroom hand dryers.”

Additionally, air dryers really slow down the bathroom traffic flow of a busy bathroom.

To keep things hygienic, there are many options for touchless towel dispensers. Many which don’t even require the use of batteries and motors.

Other Commercial Bathroom Upgrades

If you are really wanting to embrace the ultra hygienic movement, make sure your bathroom has other touchless features. Other touchless commercial bathroom upgrades include:

  • motion detecting lighting to avoid switches as well as waste
  • door handle alternatives such as arm pulls or smart access auto door openers

Once functionality has been addressed by upgrading your commercial bathroom to touchless fixtures, consider upgrading the aesthetics. Important things to consider include:

  • flooring-make sure the floors are consistent with the look of your business, or at the least, not worn out and water stained.
  • sinks and counters-a dramatic sink and counter top can enhance the entire guest experience and elevate your brand.
  • lighting-consider your setting, and adjust lighting accordingly…soft and warm? Bright and detailed?
  • mirrors-bathrooms aren’t just for “going to the bathroom”…give your people a chance to check their look or at least notice that piece of spinach stuck in their teeth.
  • Walls-bathrooms are an opportunity to extend the continuity of your brand, or just provide a unique experience to your guests. Decorate the walls with art, collectibles, memorabilia, reviews and articles, or just a fresh coat of paint.

Don’t Neglect Your Commercial Bathroom Space

Commercial bathroom upgrades are functional and beneficial in many ways. If it has been awhile since you had your commercial bathroom inspected, then it is likely due for some modernization.

Always Affordable Plumbing specializes in finding hidden leaks as well as potential plumbing problems with your commercial plumbing. Upgrading your fixtures is a great way to improve your commercial bathrooms, while also preventing many issues that come with old and dated fixtures.

Additionally, by modernizing your commercial bathroom with touchless features, you will be exceeding hygienic standards that are becoming even more important as businesses fight to stay open during COVID-19 restrictions.

If you are currently closed due to COVID-19, or even have restrictions on your business, then this might be the perfect time to upgrade your commercial bathroom and prepare for reopening.

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