4 Ways Water Can Damage Your Home

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4 Ways Water Can Damage Your Home

From Small Leaks to Big Floods, You Don’t Want to Deal With These Long-Lasting Results of a Plumbing Emergency!

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You may think that a little water’s not a big deal. After all, we drink it, wash with it, and even swim in it for fun. How can something so useful be a problem—especially in a contained setting, such as a home? In short, water easily gets just about anywhere because it can fit through even tiny holes and thin cracks. It creates moist and humid environments ideal for life. And it wears away at all sorts of materials, including plaster and wood.

To sum up, water is bad news. Here are four ways the liquid can create trouble for you, your home, and your bank account.


Color Me Surprised

One of the most superficial problems leaking water can cause is discoloration. For example, you may notice a gray, yellow, or brown stain spreading on a ceiling or wall. If this spot spreads when it rains, it could be the result of a leaky roof. On the other hand, water from any source can follow beams, pipes, and other surfaces to appear in unusual places. Drips move downward with gravity’s pull, but can create problems in sometimes surprising locations in your home. Most importantly, if you see discolored spots or patches on a formerly clean surface, don’t just hope it doesn’t get worse. Call a plumber to help identify the source of the problem.

Even though this damage may seem cosmetic, it could indicate bigger problems where you can’t see them. Discolored walls and ceilings can also concern potential future buyers when it comes time to sell.

Warp Speed

Some leaks are small, quiet, and hard to spot. Therefore, they can cause significant damage because they get plenty of time to work. Wood is especially susceptible to water damage. In other words, it warps easily! If you notice bumps, swelling, or curves where there should be a straight and smooth floor or wall, beware! Water may be the culprit.

A Growing Problem

Remember those experiments some kid always did for the school science fair? Maybe it was a fuzzy orange or a petri dish full of fungus or a rotting something or other. In any case, it was gross. And probably bad for your health. Now imagine something that looks the same, but living under your sink or in your walls. Yes, water needs life to grow. That means a leaky pipe can be providing a mold colony with the exact thing it needs to thrive. Mold is annoying, damaging, and certain kinds can even be dangerous to your health.

Flood for Thought

Not all water problems are leaks. Sometimes, they take the form or all-out gushers. If a pipe bursts or a water heater fails, you could be looking at a massive (and massively expensive) cleanup. Large quantities of water can ruin carpet, destroy documents, and spoil food. Water can stain leather, weaken structures, and blur priceless photos. Furthermore, it can create dangerous situations where electricity is involved. Unfortunately, some floods are surprises. But others come after warning signs. In other words, a small, seemingly innocent leak may be a sign that disaster is looking.

Stop Damage Before It Happens

Above all, if you notice a drip, trickle, or crack, don’t let it go. Prevention is easier, cheaper, and better for you than cleanup and repairs. If you spot water where it shouldn’t be or are worried you’re a drip away from disaster, call us. You can reach Always Affordable Plumbing at (916) 970-0099, any time.

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