The 5 Best Plumbing Tools to Have at Home

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The 5 Best Plumbing Tools to Have at Home

Do You Have What You Need to Help in a Plumbing Emergency?

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As an emergency plumber in Sacramento, Always Affordable Plumbing is ready at all hours. Our licensed plumbers can tackle leaks large and small whenever they spring up. But not every situation requires a late-night phone call. For example, you certainly don’t need us to unplug your toilet. Actually, come to think of it, you might—but you should certainly try first. And for that, you need to have the right tools at your disposal.

Of course, it’s arguably more important to know how to use these tools than to simply have them. For example, you can create more problems if you loosen the wrong pipe or over-tighten a nut. That said, having the right home plumbing tool for the job is a good place to start. (And you can always call us if you make a mistake that sends water spraying across your kitchen.)


Everyone associates the plunger with toilets—and for good reason. The rubbery dome at the end of a long handle is ideal for moving a stubborn wad of toilet paper (and more) along. However, you can also use a plunger to unclog sinks of all sizes, showers and bathtubs, and floor drains. Just be sure that you’re not going straight from plunging the porcelain throne to the kitchen sink. You may want to keep multiple plungers on hand for different rooms of the house. Also, remember that it’s important to position it to create a firm seal before attempting to draw the material up.


You may call it a snake. Plumbers, on the other hand, know it as an auger. No matter which name you use, the tool is the same: a length of cable. It typically has a corkscrew-like end. You can feed this flexible cord down into a plugged drain, then twist it. The goal is to tangle up any hair and gunk to be pulled out. You can also break up softer bits of matter. Pull the cord back out, and hopefully your drain will run smoothly from then on. If not, you know who to call. Note that there are heavy-duty augers made specifically for toilets.


Specifically, you’re going to want tongue-and-groove pliers. These adjustable tools are ideal for tightening or loosening nuts and bolts. Conversely, they also work well to hold nuts and bolts in place as needed. Useful for gripping a range of items, or even just as a clamp, pliers are versatile and valuable. Perhaps best of all, the “jaws” can grow or shrink depending on the job.

Pipe Wrench

Similar to tongue-and-groove pliers, a pipe wrench can adjust to help tighten or loosen. In this case, however, the focus is not nuts and bolts, but pipes themselves. Because a pipe wrench has “bite,” it can also be used to free hex nuts that have become rounded.

Basin Wrench

Working in a tight, confined space can be difficult. The space beneath a kitchen sink, for example, is typically a cramped area filled with various pipes and tubes. As a result, reaching certain fasteners is difficult. A basin wrench is a handy tool in these cases. It is also known as a “sink wrench,” because it makes working under the sink easier. The tool has a long handle with a head that grips a fastener for turning. If you can’t get your other wrenches (or your elbows) where they need to be, a basin wrench may be just what you’re looking for.

Dealing With a Problem That’s More Than Your Tools Can Handle?

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