Is My Water Heater Broken?

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Is My Water Heater Broken?

A busted water heater could require an emergency plumber, but sometimes it can be fixed pretty quick and easy on your own! Read below to learn more.

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Let’s face it. Water heaters are often neglected and taken for granted. Typically tucked away in the corner of the garage, we don’t think twice about it until we suddenly find ourselves without hot water!

Hot water is basically a modern convenience. I mean, not many people prefer a cold bath over a hot soak, right?

So, what to do if you suddenly find yourself without hot water? Calling Always Affordable Plumbing in Sacramento is ALWAYS an option. However, there may be some easy things you can do yourself that fix the issue faster than even we can get to.

Common Signs Your Water Heater Has a Problem

  1. It takes longer than usual for your water to warm up
  2. Water puddles under your tank
  3. The water coming out is discolored or has an odor
  4. You hear strange noises coming from your water heater
  5. Pressure relief valve is leaking or not working

If you notice any of these issues, you definitely need to give your water heater some attention.

An Easy Fix for Cold Water

If your water heater is taking longer than usual to warm up, or you are hearing strange noises, like popping, coming from your heater, there is a fairly easy fix you can try.

hot water heater

These problems most typically occur when mineral deposits build up at the bottom of your water heater tank. Mineral deposits are in most tap water, especially in areas with “hard” water. It is natural for this sediment to build up in your water heater tank. As it does, it makes it harder for the heating element to heat the water. This results in delayed heating, or strange popping noises as air pockets build up in the sediment. This can also cause water discoloration and odors.

To fix this issue, you can perform a simple water heater flushing. This should actually be done once a year. The process is not too complicated for most amateur DIY-ers, and it goes a long way in keeping your water heater in top shape. If you are not comfortable doing a flush yourself, Always Affordable Plumbing in Sacramento is always happy to help!

The other common reason for having cold water, or not enough hot water, is a thermostat issue. In colder months, this may be as simple as turning up the thermostat just a little bit. If that is not helping, there may be an issue with the thermostat itself. It is recommended to involve a professional plumber at that point.

Here is a helpful video from The Home Depot about water heater maintenance.

What About Water Heater Leaks??

Leaks are a little bigger of an issue. If you see water leaking around the top of the water heater, it is usually from around the valves. One valve that is very important is the pressure relief valve. If you see this leaking, the valve should probably be replaced. We recommend using a professional plumber for this job, just because it is a safety issue.

If you find water pooling underneath the heater, it could be as simple as condensation. However, it could also mean your tank is rotting through. A careful inspection on your own should help you determine the severity. The thing you don’t want to run into is the bottom of tank rotting out and your garage or basement ending up flooded. Don’t ignore water pooling! Investigate it immediately. If you are having trouble figuring out the cause, then definitely call a professional plumber right away.

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Your Emergency Plumber is a Call Away

Dealing with water heater issues can be tricky. Some issues can be easily addressed on your own, while some can cause MAJOR flooding or repairs if not handled properly. If you need help inspecting your water heater, call us at Always Affordable Plumbing. If we find a problem, we can give you an estimate so you can decide whether you want us to handle it.

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