Chemical Drain Cleaners vs. a Sacramento Plumber

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Chemical Drain Cleaners vs. a Sacramento Plumber

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You knew it was coming. The drain had started getting sluggish. Hair had been swirling around the slowly moving water. And then … it stopped completely.

A clogged drain is annoying at best, dangerous at worst. After all, no one wants to stand in an inch of cold, old shower water full of grime and soap scum. If more water gets in, then the overflow can cause damage to the floor and walls. So you obviously need to do something. But which do you choose? A jug of store-bought liquid drain cleaner? Or a call to a local professional plumber?

Easier is Not Necessarily Better

The fastest option is the liquid drain cleaner. You can get a bottle during a quick run to the nearest store. Or you may already have one under the sink or in the garage. You simply follow the instructions on the bottle, pour a few glugs down into the problem drain, and wait. Easy, right? Sure. But not necessarily good for your pipes or you.

Liquid drain cleaners are harsh chemicals that work, in theory, to dissolve lumps of hair, grease, and debris. They often make use of an acid and can generate heat in the pipe itself. There are many potential problems with this solution. First of all, the chemicals are very strong and can burn skin on contact. Liquid drain cleaner containers carry strong cautionary messages limiting their use. Furthermore, people using them are encouraged to wear protective gear, including goggles and gloves. Even if you avoid physical contact with the liquid, you can still breathe in the harmful vapors.


Once poured out, the chemicals can react to anything they contact, including sink fixtures, other materials, and the pipes themselves. A single use may not cause problems, but repeated applications of drain cleaner could cause damage. The chemicals may discolor or eat away at pieces of the drain. If they encounter certain other chemicals, they can create hot fountains or liquid or even toxic gases. If they sit on a clog and generate heat, the constant high temperature in one place can damage the pipe itself.

What Other Options Are There?

A chemical drain cleaner is not necessary. In many cases, a plunger can move a clog along. More stubborn stoppages may require prodding with a drain snake. Of course, a professional plumber is highly trained in identifying and fixing the problem.

Don’t risk your safety and the integrity of your pipes if you have a clogged drain. Try a little elbow grease (that’s hard work, not a type of drain cleaner) or call Always Affordable Plumbing in Sacramento. We are always available to help with standing water and related problems.

Service, quality, and affordability for our customers always comes first. Call today to schedule your appointment!

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Sacramento Plumber | Drain Cleaners