Do I Need to Switch to a Tankless Water Heater? Best Sacramento Plumber Answers

switch to a tankless water heater

Do I Need to Switch to a Tankless Water Heater? Best Sacramento Plumber Answers

Is a Switch to a Tankless Water Heater a Worthwhile Investment?

Best Sacramento Plumber | Switch to a Tankless Water Heater

You know what is pretty amazing? Getting up on a cool, Fall morning, drinking some coffee, and stepping into a nice HOT shower to start your day. Now imagine getting into that shower and discovering ice cold water pouring down! No thanks! Hot water is not only one of our favorite modern plumbing conveniences, it is an important part of cleaning dishes and clothes. In fact, according to Consumer Reports, 90% of hot water heater installations happen during an emergency. Meaning, your water heater finally failed. If your water heater is suddenly not doing its job, then maybe it is time for an upgrade. Does that mean going tankless? The answer may surprise you.

In fact, heating water is the second highest utility in U.S. households after HVAC.

Are Conventional Water Heaters Bad?

No, conventional water heaters are not “bad”. They still work very well. However, they are not the most energy efficient system available these days. A conventional water heater provides hot water by storing water, and heating that water. Most household tanks run between 30-60 gallons. This water is kept warm with heating elements inside the tank. The heater kicks on anytime the storage water drops below a certain temperature. Essentially, it keeps the water hot and ready, 24/7 whether you need it or not. Your water heater might be powered by natural gas, electricity, or even propane. Needless to say, this takes a lot of energy. In fact, heating water is the second highest utility in U.S. households after HVAC. This is precisely the reason some people are switching to tankless water heaters.

How Does a Tankless Water Heater Work?

A tankless water heater is also considered an “on-demand” water heater. Instead of storing large amounts of water and keeping it warm all the time, a tankless heater rapidly warms water as it passes through. As you can imagine, this is much more efficient from an energy perspective than a conventional water heater. It only heats when hot water is needed. Additionally, because it does not need to store water, a tankless system is much, much smaller than a conventional heater. Whereas a conventional heater can be about 5 feet tall and 2 feet wide, a tankless is about the size of a suitcase. This obviously frees up a LOT of space!

Benefits of a tankless water heater system:

  • hot water on demand
  • more energy efficient than conventional water heaters
  • no massive flooding issues seen with conventional water heaters that fail
  • generally have a longer usable life than a conventional water heater

Are there any downsides to a tankless water heater? Of course.

Downsides of tankless water heaters include:

  • More expensive upfront than a conventional water heater
  • Installation can be costly
  • For large households running multiple hot water devices at once, a tankless system may not be able to keep up

Is the Switch to a Tankless Water Heater Worth It?

There are many factors to weigh here. A tankless system is going to be more expensive upfront, and if you are replacing a conventional system, installation can be expensive. However, you are likely going to save money on your energy bill with a switch. There are a lot of debates about just how much you can save. Rheem Manufacturing Company, who manufacture both conventional and tankless water heaters, estimate that a switch to tankless can save you between 30%-40% in energy use. However, it can take years to see those savings payback the higher purchase and installation costs. Some estimates put actual payback between 10-20 years depending on your costs and water use.

Due to the higher upfront cost of a tankless system, you should look at a switch to tankless water heater as a long term investment that will save you money over time. However, if you are not planning to stay in your home, and you need to reduce out of pocket expenses upfront, then it might not be worth it. The best thing you can do is CALL AAP TODAY to have one of our licensed plumbers come out. The only way to know how much money you can save with a switch is to know how much a switch is going to cost. Our team will put together an estimate that includes the cost of installation, as well as help find any manufacturer or utilities rebates that can help lower the cost. We will also provide you a complete cost comparison of sticking with a conventional heater. In this way, you will have all the information you need to make the best choice for you!

Service, quality, and affordability for our customers always comes first. Call today to schedule your appointment!

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