Dishwasher Maintenance: Keep These 5 Things Out of Your Dishwasher

Sacramento Plumber Tips-Dishwasher Maintenance

Dishwasher Maintenance: Keep These 5 Things Out of Your Dishwasher

Follow These Tips from a Sacramento Plumber to Extend the Life of Your Dishes and Utensils—and a Costly Appliance!

Sacramento Plumber Tips | Dishwasher Maintenance

Dishwashers are supposed to make life easier. That’s why they’re such popular appliances. Instead of spending hours on soaking and scrubbing each night, you can just load up the washer. Then you toss in some detergent, press a button, and walk away. The machine scours everything with hot water and soap. Meanwhile, you do whatever else you feel like doing!

That’s certainly the goal, anyway. But reality is often a bit different. While dishwashers are ideal for getting plates and bowls sparkling clean, they are not magic. There are several items you should never put into a dishwasher. In some cases, this is to protect the item itself. On the other hand, some things can harm the dishwasher, leading to inefficient washing, leaks, or even a break.

Take it from an experienced Sacramento plumber: Here are five things you should always be sure to wash by hand.

Dishwasher Maintenance Tips:

Plates Covered With Chunks of Food

Whether your dishware is sturdy or delicate, it should be free of food if you’re putting it in the dishwasher. Your hard-working kitchen appliance is built to wash away particles, residue, and similar stuff. It is not a garbage disposal or trash can. That is to say you should throw out bones, meaty chunks, leafy lettuce, and other big pieces of food. Trusting your dishwasher to handle half a pork chop or a thick gob of mashed potatoes can cause problems. Firstly, even a properly working dishwasher can scatter lumps around onto various items. Moreover, significant leftovers can clog the internal drain.

Items With Paper Labels

Cups, jars, and plates with paper labels on them are in the same vein as utensils bearing hefty pieces of dinner: Pieces can fly off and get stuck on everything else. Since these sticky bits are made to be resilient, they can also create blockages. For instance, if a large enough piece of label affixes to the wrong outlet, water there has no way out. Even if the paper pieces are confetti sized, they can still glom onto each other and plug up a pipe.

Anything You’ve Repaired With Adhesive

Accidents happen. For example, a beloved dish gets knocked off of a counter. Or maybe a stack shifts in the cabinet, causing a mug to land on the floor. Fortunately, not all accidents lead to permanent breaks. It’s possible to use special glue to repair dishware, leaving the barest trace of a crack. However, these fixed-up items should never again see the inside of a dishwasher. Instead, wash them by hand so you can ensure a gentle touch (and gentle detergent).

Wooden Items

Whether it’s a spoon for stirring pasta or a board for cutting vegetables, if it’s wood, keep it out of the dishwasher. The high temperatures inside of the appliance can warp wooden utensils and more out of shape. Moreover, hot water can cause cracks to form. This can lead to breaks in the dishwasher or next time you’re using the item.

Cast Iron

High-quality cast iron pans are trendy these days. But as they say: Everything old is new again. When properly cared for, a cast iron pan can last decades. In addition, it just gets better over time, because cooking with it builds up a unique and natural “nonstick coating.” A trip through the dishwasher, however, can erase a generation’s worth of seasoning in a single cycle. Not only does this wipe out the pan’s history and cooking benefits, but it also makes it more vulnerable to rust.

Use Common Sense and Ask Around

This list has just a small fraction of the things you should keep out of your dishwasher. Antique china, hand-painted porcelain, and anything aluminum must also stick to the sink. If it looks breakable, has sentimental value, or is made of a material not found in typical dishware these days, look elsewhere for cleaning care. And if you’re still having trouble with a dishwasher (even one you take perfect care of), call us at (916) 970-0099 so we can help!

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