Main Drain Clogged? Call Your Sacramento Plumber!

Main Drain Clogged? Call Your Sacramento Plumber!

Main Drain Clogged | Always Affordable Plumbing

Is Your Main Drain Ready for the Holidays??

For many of us, the Holiday season means lots of family, food, and fun! Many of us host parties or dinners for friends and family during the Holidays. This means a lot of extra people in the house, and a lot of extra work on your home plumbing! Main drain clogs during Holiday entertaining is THE WORST! Don’t let your home plumbing issues catch you at a bad time, be prepared with Always Affordable Plumbing.

Main Drain Getting Clogged?

Here is some basic home plumbing anatomy for you: every drain in your house connects to one big “main drain”, which runs out of the house and connects to the main city line. This connection is most typically found at the sidewalk, directly out front of your house, however, it can also connect somewhere off the side or back of your house.

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roots can clog and destroy a pipe

If you notice that your bathtub, shower, and sinks are backing up, or draining slow, then your main drain might be clogged. Sometimes even your washing machine will back up. To clear the main drain, you will most likely need the assistance from your local Sacramento plumber. Obviously, we hope you call Always Affordable Plumbing!


Typically, the main drain clogs due to roots encroaching into the pipes, somewhere outside of the house.

A plumber will have to locate your access hole, and use a special roto tool to clear the pipe. This is also a good time to ask for a pipe inspection. A small video camera is run through the pipe to locate the area where the roots, pipe damage, or clog is.

Another common thing that will clog a main drain is grease! That’s right, all that grease after a big Holiday breakfast with bacon should not go down your drain. It hardens like a plug in your pipes.

Maybe Not the Main Drain?

If only one sink, or one shower is backed up, then it is probably just that one line that needs to be cleared. You can try to clear it using something like Drain-O that you can buy at your local home improvement store. Typically this type of single drain clog is caused by hair.

Happy Holidays!

Now you know that if it seems like just one drain is clogged, you can try to clear it yourself before calling a plumber. If it is multiple drains, then you probably need a professional. Always Affordable Plumbing offers 24-hour emergency service, so even if your main drain clogs with a house full of family during the Holidays, we will be there for you!

A Different Sacramento Plumber Experience

If you need a Sacramento plumber, call AAP. Whether you need Emergency plumbing services, a sewer line replaced, or a leaky faucet fixed, Always Affordable Plumbing is here for you. Service, quality, and affordability for our customers always comes first. Call today to schedule your appointment!


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Main Drain Clogged | Always Affordable Plumbing