Restaurant Owners: Don’t Get Stuck with a Pipe Problem as You Re-Open

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Restaurant Owners: Don’t Get Stuck with a Pipe Problem as You Re-Open

How to Re-Open Properly to Avoid Commercial Plumbing Problems After Shelter in Place Orders

Commercial Plumbing | Plumbing Problems After Shelter in Place

Sacramento’s emergency plumbers at Always Affordable Plumbing invite you to imagine this scenario: You’re a restaurant owner, finally able to re-open your business after months of shutdown. Diners who have been social distancing for months are hungry for a night out—and most importantly, they picked you to feed them. Tables are set, the staff is ready and … what’s that smell? Even worse, something seems to be bubbling up out of your sink!

Don’t let weeks and weeks of inactivity at your restaurant ruin your grand re-opening. Calling a Sacramento plumber for a free inspection before you welcome patrons back could save your reputation. If we find a problem, we can use hydro jetting to blast it away. In other words, you can get back to business as usual without worry.

How Does Sheltering in Place Hurt Pipes?

Sitting and doing nothing for a couple of months is not good for a person’s body. Likewise, a restaurant’s plumbing need regular activity so it can stay in good health.

During a long period of no activity, grease that would normally flow along with water moving through the pipes sits still instead. Allowed to grow cold, it hardens into a cement-like substance.

In short, this solidified grease causes problems. It shrinks the inside of the pipe, constricting flow. It creates more opportunities to snag debris that can add to a slowdown. And it makes it more likely for larger pieces of food to get stuck. As a result, sink drains and other drains can get sluggish. Even worse, a clog can cause fluids to have no place to go but backward. That is to say, liquid you definitely want going out will instead come back in. Consequently, you could have a kitchen nightmare on your hands when your business gets back to capacity.

Don’t let dormant pipes smash your dream of having a busy restaurant once again!

We Can Find Problems Before They’re Problems

If you are preparing to re-open your restaurant, or if you have recently re-opened, call us TODAY. An Always Affordable Plumbing team member will come to your business and run some tests. Firstly, we do a “bucket test” on drains to test flow. In addition, we will do a free whole-business plumbing inspection to make sure there are no hidden surprises. We don’t want anything to bubble up as your diners return. The only thing you should be worrying about is how to feed everyone who wants what you’re cooking!

Hydro Jetting Helps

If we do discover a clog, blockage, slowdown, or other concern, we will alert you so you can decide what to do next. We often suggest hydro jetting, which is an extremely effective way to clear pipes of buildup and debris.

Hydro jetting sends hot water shooting through the pipes at a very high pressure, literally blasting away obstacles. It also serves to scour the insides, getting rid of built-up grime and deposits.

Old pipes may not be able to handle the pressure, so if we determine that a better solution would work for you, we will discuss that.

Above all, we want you to get the solution that gets you up and running as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible.

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Commercial Plumbing | Plumbing Problems After Shelter in Place