Beware Uninvited Visitors and Clogged Pipes

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Beware Uninvited Visitors and Clogged Pipes

Best Sacramento Plumber | Clogged Pipes

Animal Emergency? This Sacramento Plumber Can Help …

Flushing, draining, rinsing away—everything about your sink, tub, shower, and toilet is about getting stuff out of the house. But what if something wants to use the pipes to get in?

Firstly, know that we humans share our homes and yards with countless critters. Some are tiny. For example, soil is full of microscopic life forms, as well as worms and bugs. Some are larger—but we’re not talking pets. In other words: pests. Rodents, reptiles, birds, and more can be found all around, with many of them seeking a way inside. And why wouldn’t they? Your house is warmer than the outdoors in the winter. It’s cooler in the summer. You have abundant food and plenty of nesting material. Consequently, if something can find a crack or an opening, it will try to squeeze its way in.

Unfortunately, that way in may involve your sewer pipes, leading to clogged pipes. Here are a few unwelcome guests you may encounter.

Drain Flies

This pesky little bugs flitter their way up out of sink drains. They are much smaller than house flies, but they can still be annoying. Even worse: If you see them, chances are good that you have a slow, sluggish, or clogged drain. Called moth flies due to their fuzzy appearance, they also earned the nickname drain flies because they live and breed in moist areas. They love standing water. When drain flies appear, it’s time to get that pipe under the sink flowing freely again.


These long-tailed pests often make themselves known in plumbing systems. For instance, you can hear their claws as they scratch their way around. This is a bad sign—not just because, well, rats, but also because it can indicate a damaged or broken pipe. Rats need to find a way in, so they may gain access via a hole that shouldn’t be there. They also wriggle into drain pipes and outlets. A hunt for entry points may reveal old pipes that were never capped by previous owners who renovated. No matter what, if you think there are rats in the pipes, don’t wait until you see whiskers where you don’t want them. Call a professional plumber to help you discover the “open door” in your sewer system.


Yes, sorry. We apologize for even bringing this one up. But if a rat can get in, so can a sneaky, slithery snake out for an appetizer. Predators follow prey, and since snakes are slippery, they can easily make their way into even long, narrow pipes. No legs, however, means no claws. You’re not likely to hear a snake, but you will certainly know if you see one. Again: Be sure all drains are properly capped and covered. An inspection can help if you want to be sure everything is as unwelcoming as a motel with a “no vacancy” sign.

In short, know that many animals who may end up in your bathroom are actually looking for an easy meal. Your toilet isn’t that appealing, but food smells from the kitchen may entice them in. After that, they can get lost. This is why people have reported everything from squirrels to possums showing up unannounced.

Do you hear a frog croaking when you take a shower? Don’t hope it leaves on its own. You can certainly call Always Affordable Plumbing with any animal problem in your pipes, big or small.

Service, quality, and affordability for our customers always comes first. Call today to schedule your appointment!

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Best Sacramento Plumber | Clogged Pipes