Water Filtration System Choices

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Water Filtration System Choices

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The team at Always Affordable Plumbing in Sacramento knows that people most often associate plumbers with clogs. And for good reason! Pipe professionals—especially emergency plumbers—are experts at clearing the way so water can flow freely again. But that’s not the only thing plumbers can help with!

In fact, plumbers are ideal to call on when it comes to ensuring water quality. After all, water shouldn’t just easily drain away. It should also be clean.

Where to Filter?

Some people are fine with filling a specially designed container that filters water from the faucet. This container then sits on the counter or in the fridge. Want some clean water to drink? Pour a glass and enjoy.

Conversely, some companies sell attachments that fit onto a faucet and filter the water from there.

These options obviously offer easy installation and use for the average person. As a result: no plumber is required.

The next step up, however, is a bit more involved. Point-of-use water filtration systems, such as a reverse-osmosis unit, come in a range of styles. One common option is designed for mounting under the sink. This is basically how this system gets its name. The filtration happens at the point water is used.

Since installation involves making changes to an area that typically features multiple pipes, hoses, and connectors, many people choose to call a professional. This is especially important for anyone who wants to minimize the risk of future leaks. Even a small or slow drip under the sink can cause significant damage over time. This can be costly to fix and can create unsanitary conditions. It’s basically the opposite of the original goal: making sure the home’s water supply is good for the family’s health!

Another water filtration strategy is the point-of-entry system. As its name implies, it works on water on its way into the house. Instead of treating water for a single sink, it treats all water for use. Point-of-entry systems can also soften water as they purify. This is ideal for families dealing with hard water.

How Filters Work

Different filters clean water that passes through in different ways. There are two common strategies used for home filters. “Mechanical” filters strain out debris and particles by physically catching them as the water passes through a screen. “Absorption” filters trap contaminants in the crevices found on small particles—typically carbon. Other filter techniques include “sequestration” that uses chemicals to isolate unwanted elements in the water. There is also “ion exchange” that pulls hard minerals out of the water. Another options is “reverse osmosis” that cleans out solids that have dissolved.

There is no single answer for your water filtration needs. Many of these filtrations strategies can work together to create clean water free of most contaminants.

Always Affordable Plumbing can help to determine the ideal filtration system for you, as well as install it. Take the worry out of your water—and the work to set up a filter! Call Always Affordable Plumbing in Sacramento.

Service, quality, and affordability for our customers always comes first. Call today to schedule your appointment!

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