Clear Out a Drain Monster With This Simple Tool!

Clear Out a Drain Monster With This Simple Tool!

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You Might Be Able to Avoid a Plumber and Clear Your Own Clogged Drain!

Always Affordable Plumbing is all about honesty and integrity, as well as keeping your plumbing costs low. We know that the best way to help keep plumbing affordable for Fairfield and Sacramento is to teach people how to avoid problems in the first place! The truth is, there are many simple things that can be done that will help you avoid a service call to a plumbing company.

Slow Drains, Clogged Drains

One of the most common calls we receive is for a slow or clogged drain. This might be in a shower, tub, or sink. Have you ever noticed that during your shower, water starts to fill up under you? Or have you noticed that it takes a really long time for your tub to drain? Maybe your bathroom sink stays full for a bit after you brush your teeth or wash your hands. These are all common indications that there is a drain problem. When you have a slow drain in a bathroom, it is very often caused by hair.

Yes, hair. You probably don’t realize how much hair falls out during a shower or bath. A lot of hair also ends up in the sink when we are brushing or blow drying our hair. While it seems like thin strands of hair should be able to make its way down our pipes with no problem, the truth is actually surprising! Hair very easily wraps and snags on the drain plug or drain grate. Over time, more hair snags, and as more hair snags, a hair ball starts to form. This hair ball grows larger and starts trapping and collecting just about anything else other than water that goes down the drain. Even soap residue. The result is a terrifying, gigantic disgusting blob of gunk that can block up your pipes!

Before You Call, Try This!

Believe us when we tell you, these hair balls can cause significant drain plugs. You will be convinced that there is something wrong with your drains. Before you call a plumber, try out this simple tool. Many plumbing companies HATE this tool because it is so inexpensive and easy for people to use, and they end up not needing a plumber to come out.

Always Affordable Plumbing would rather save you the time, money, and trouble of a service call that you can easily resolve yourself. Instead, we are here for you when you really need some plumbing help. This simple tool is called a “drain hair snake” and can be purchased for less than $10 at most home improvement stores or on Amazon.

For example, here is a 2-pack on Amazon:   No moving parts. No power supply needed. To unclog a hair monster from your drain, simply slide the snake down the drain as far as you can go, then pull it back. As you retract the snake, it will grab hold of any hair clumps and junk that is stuck on your drain plug! You will be absolutely appalled at what might come out!

A True Hair Monster, Captured!

Here is an image that a customer sent into us of their own captured hair monster: Yikes! This customer explained that this was a newly remodeled shower, that had only been in use for about 1 year. The couple noticed that there would be standing water in the bottom of the shower during their showers, and it would be slow to drain. The drain was severely plugged! Simply using a drain snake per our recommendation, they were able to clear the hair plug that was clogging their drain! This tool is also great because it pulls the gunk out of the drain, rather than sending it further down the pipes where it can cause an even bigger problem. Drainage was restored 100%, and all it took was a couple of bucks and less than 5 minutes!

Best Fairfield Plumber Tips to the Rescue

We try to help our Solano and Sacramento communities save money on plumbing service by teaching you how to prevent problems. In some cases, like this article, we even teach you how to fix some problems on your own. Want more Best Plumber Tips? Check out our favorites from 2021: “Top-3 Best Plumber Tips of 2021“.

Keep in mind, not every slow drain is due to a hair clog around your drain plug. Some clogged drains are due to years of build up, FOG, or damage to your pipes. However, trying out a drain hair snake as a first option is a great option to try before you call on a plumber. It is easy and affordable. If you clear out a hair plug, but your drains are still slow, then you definitely need a plumber to come out and inspect your lines. It is likely that there is a clog too far down the line to be cleared with a drain snake.

Our goal is always to help keep plumbing service affordable and honest for our community. If you find that you want the best Fairfield plumber, call Always Affordable Plumbing! We can help you with drain cleaning service, leak detection, hydro jetting, hot water heater installations, water filter installation, and more.


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