Is My Tap Water Safe to Drink? Best Solano Plumber

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Is My Tap Water Safe to Drink? Best Solano Plumber

Solano Water Quality | Best Solano Plumber

Do You Want the Safest and Best Drinking Water at Home?

More and more people are starting to wonder about their drinking water. In general, we trust that our water supply is clean and safe. For the most part, that is true. The EPA has quality standards in place to ensure that. However, the reality is that those standards don’t necessarily result in the best quality, or safest water possible. If you want the highest quality and purest water in your home, then you should consider a home filtration system.

What is Safe Water?

“Safe” water is water that is free of contaminants and bacteria that can be harmful to our health. Municipal water treatment facilities have the systems in place to meet the EPA standards for safe. However, that does not mean that our water is as safe as can be. There is more and more data coming out that suggests EPA’s quality standards are not as stringent as they should be. Additionally, those standards haven’t been updated in over 20 years!

Additionally, there is an entire classification of chemicals and contaminants in our water that are called “Contaminants of Emerging Concern”. These are contaminants that are being newly discovered (due to advances in detection technology) or that are potentially harmful (due to new research), but have not yet been added to EPA water quality standards. It takes more time and research to determine how harmful these emerging contaminants are, and then it takes more time and money (and politics) for the EPA guidelines to be updated. Meanwhile, these potentially harmful contaminants are in our drinking water.

How Does Our Drinking Water Go Bad?

Again, for the most part, our cities and water districts do an incredible job providing us with “safe”, clean drinking water. However, their treatment facilities aren’t perfect. Aging systems and failed safety protocols can lead to widespread water issues as seen in Flint, Michigan, and in Newark, New Jersey, in recent years. Natural disasters can also damage water systems or contaminate water supplies. Industrial cities and agricultural cities can be subject to chemical leeching that gets past treatment facilities and into homes. It stands to reason that our drinking water can be even safer, and the best way to have safer water is a home filtration system.

What Does a Home Filtration System Do?

The idea with a home water filtration system is to remove the residual and remaining chemicals in your tap water. Again, many of the chemicals may be deemed to be at “safe” levels by the EPA, but you still may not necessarily want to drink them! This may include chemicals like:

  • chlorine and chlorine by products
  • arsenic
  • PFAS (“forever” chemicals)
  • nitrates
  • lead
  • aluminum
  • agricultural chemicals
  • industrial chemicals

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Removing these types of contaminants from your drinking water at home is easily achieved with a home filtration system. There are various types and styles. They can range from $30-upwards of a couple thousand. The expensive ones are typically a “whole home” water filtration system. These are also called “point of entry” systems. That is to say, they connect to your incoming plumbing, so that every single faucet, including your hose spigots, have filtered, pure water.

Alternatively, there are “point of use” systems. These filters connect to a single faucet (under the kitchen sink, for example) and supply filtered water from that one source. This can also include your built in refrigerator water dispenser filter, as well as pitcher style filters. Don’t scoff at a $30 filter. While these may not filter to the level of a whole home, or even reverse osmosis systems, a simple $30 charcoal filter can do quite a lot.  They are particularly useful at removing chlorine. These types of filters are typically in your refrigerator water dispenser, or can be connected to a faucet, or used in a water pitcher. While inexpensive and simple to use, it is absolutely CRITICAL to replace them on schedule to maintain pure water.

Learn About Your Sacramento and Solano Water Quality with Always Affordable Plumbing

The bottom line is, you deserve to know just what is in your water. CALL ALWAYS AFFORDABLE PLUMBING SOLANO and SACRAMENTO TODAY to schedule one of our licensed water technicians to do a complimentary water analysis of your water. We will perform a sample test, straight from your own faucet, and explain the findings. Then discuss with you the various options for filter systems.

We believe that education and awareness is the best way to effect change, so it is our goal to help you understand your water. For example, do you know what “forever chemicals” are? Also known as PFAS, these are chemicals that are only recently being studied for their harmful health effects, and are not currently regulated by the EPA. Yet, studies show that they can be contaminating 100’s of millions of people in the U.S.! LEARN MORE ABOUT PFAS HERE

Service, quality, and affordability for our customers always comes first. Call today to schedule your appointment!

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