Do I Need a New Hot Water Heater? Best Solano Plumber Tips

Best Solano plumber- new water heater

Do I Need a New Hot Water Heater? Best Solano Plumber Tips

Best Solano Plumber | Do I Need a New Water Heater?

Hot Water Running Out Fast? There Might Be a Simple Fix!

One of the modern marvels that we take for granted is on-demand hot water. We really don’t realize how much we depend on hot water until we are half way through a shower and we suddenly run out! A hot water heater is not an appliance that we give much thought to until there is a problem. However, running out of hot water does not always mean you need a new hot water heater. Today’s Best Solano Plumber Tips explains.

Did You Know That Your Water Heater Needs Annual Maintenance?

This is the BIG reveal-you should be servicing your hot water heater EVERY YEAR! Yet most people don’t. When you don’t perform this simple, annual maintenance, you are taking years off of your water heater. The important thing to understand about this is that we don’t mean your water heater will suddenly fail sooner than the 8-12 year average life (although it can). More likely what happens without annual maintenance is that water heater efficiency slowly gets worse. The first sign of this? Hot water not lasting as long as it used to.

Performing simple annual maintenance is the number one key to keeping your water heater working properly, and just might fix the issue of your hot water not lasting as long! Always Affordable Plumbing offers great pricing on annual water heater maintenance that includes a complete equipment inspection to make sure you have no other potential hot water issues. Trust us when we tell you that is is a lot more affordable to do annual hot water maintenance than it is to put in a new hot water heater.

What is Hot Water Heater Maintenance?

So what exactly needs to happen to perform annual hot water heater maintenance? It is not very complicated. Hot water heater maintenance just involves draining the tank and inspecting the fittings. That’s it! However, something so simple actually makes a big difference. If you look towards the bottom of your hot water tank you will notice there is a spigot. The spigot is there so that we can connect a drain hose to empty the tank. Emptying the tank is critical for keeping it working properly.

Overtime, mineral deposits from your water supply build up inside the tank. These deposits can clog hot water outlet lines as well as cause damage to the dip tube and thermostat. This type of damage can reduce efficiency-meaning your hot water tank needs to work harder to do its job-which means those components suffer from more wear-and-tear than normal. The deposits that build up at the bottom of the tank take up space and can actually reduce the volume of hot water available in the tank. By draining the tank every year, you empty the tank of these harmful deposits.

How Else Can I Protect My Hot Water Heater?

If you really want to protect your hot water heater and all of your appliances from hard water damage and mineral deposits, then then best solution is to install a whole home water filtration system. Always Affordable Plumbing has partnered with HALO water systems to provide Sacramento and Solano Counties with the purest, cleanest water possible for your entire home. Not only is this good for you and your family, it is good for your appliances and fixtures.

Call Always Affordable Plumbing Before You Buy a New Water Heater

If you are having hot water issues, please call Always Affordable Plumbing first. We will perform inspections and testing to see what is going on with your water heater before we would just tell you that you need a replacement. The solution may just be as simple as performing annual maintenance. We take into account the age of your heater and any past maintenance, as well as the problems you are experiencing, before we make a recommendation. If you are curious about the benefits of a tankless water heater, or if there are any rebates or energy efficient option, we can help with that too!

Even if you are not having hot water issues right now, you should schedule your annual maintenance. Especially if you have never done this before. The worst thing you can do is ignore a hot water issue. If your water heater is not working properly, it needs to be addressed sooner than later. Those hard water deposits can be corroding the tank which can result in a major hot water tank leak! For the best Solano plumber hot water heater service and the most affordable plumbing CALL AAP TODAY!!!

Service, quality, and affordability for our customers always comes first. Call today to schedule your appointment!

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Best Solano Plumber | Do I Need a New Water Heater?