That Slow Leak is a Problem! Best Solano Plumber Tips

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That Slow Leak is a Problem! Best Solano Plumber Tips

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Did You Know That a Slow Leak Can Cause as Much Damage as a Flood?

Many people think that a slow plumbing leak is no big deal. While a slow faucet leak might prove to be an easy fix, there are other slow leaks that can cause much more trouble. The biggest problem with slow leaks is that they can often times be hard to detect…until the problem is BIG. Let Always Affordable Plumbing help you stay ahead of major leak problems with our Best Solano Plumber Tips!

You Might Have a Leak If…

Slow leaks are a big problem because they can often go unnoticed. Meanwhile, they are slowly causing major water damage! It usually isn’t until things are really bad that people realize they have a slow leak. If you have a slow leak somewhere, there will often be some red flag warnings. Here are some of our Best Solano Plumber Tips for recognizing a potential leak:

  • moldy, musty smell
  • water bill went up, but usage didn’t change
  • staining on drywall or ceiling
  • water pressure is lower than usual
  • bubbled ceiling plaster

What Causes Slow Leaks in Pipes?

There are many potential causes for a slow leak in your pipes and plumbing. Some of the most common causes include:

  • worn out gaskets and o-rings
  • corroded pipes due to water quality issues (seen with copper pipes in Folsom recently)
  • old pipes and/or fittings
  • clogs in pipes causing still water
  • poor workmanship
  • failed joints, fittings, soldering

What Kind of Damage Can Occur from a Slow Leak?

Water damage from a slow leak can end up being as extensive as a sudden, major leak. Overtime, water can corrode and damage everything it comes in contact with. Not only that, but when materials get wet, they are prone to developing mold. Mold can be very toxic to our health! In this way, a slow leak can be even more dangerous and worse than a sudden and obvious flood. Additionally, insects are drawn to damp and wet places. So a slow leak is basically an invitation for infestation! In addition, as a slow leak spreads out, it can cause big problems and potential fire hazards if it comes in contact with electrical wiring. At the very least, a slow leak can cause permanent damage to the drywall and/or wood it comes in contact with, requiring patching and repainting.

How to Know If You Have a Hidden Slow Leak

You might suspect you have a leak somewhere based on some of the red flags we provided above. However, it may still be difficult to locate the source or potential source. If you want to be sure you don’t have a leak somewhere, then call Always Affordable Plumbing today. One of our licensed plumbers will perform a whole home inspection to check for leaks and potential issues.


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