Is Your Tap Water Dirty? | Water Treatment Systems

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Is Your Tap Water Dirty? | Water Treatment Systems

Do You Want the Cleanest and Safest Water Possible for Your Home?

Dirty Tap Water | Water Treatment Systems

We have mentioned it before, but modern indoor plumbing is something we often take for granted. Until there is a problem. A backed up main line during a large holiday family gathering will remind you just how much we appreciate working toilets, sinks, and showers! Another oft forgotten part of indoor plumbing is our water supply. We turn the faucet on, and we expect clean, fresh water. For the most part, that is true-our water is clean and fresh. However, do you really understand what is in your water? Do you understand the safety standards your water district have to follow? If you did, you would understand that while most tap water is “safe”, it is not the cleanest or safest it can be.

Just What Exactly is Allowed in Your Water?

The Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for setting the safety standards of our drinking water. All our water comes from some kind of natural source, which is treated for contaminants to meet EPA quality standards. Each city is responsible for maintaining or exceeding those standards. Fortunately, many municipalities exceed the standards through improved water treatment facilities and rigorous testing.

However, the problem with these standards is that they still allow for certain levels of contaminants. Additionally, many of these standards have not been updated in decades, in spite of new research and data being available. According to EWG (Environmental Working Group), there are no set legal limits for over 160 unregulated contaminants in U.S. tap water. That is pretty terrifying.

Here is an EWG report on a local Sacramento water district: water treatment sacramento-EWG

As the EWG likes to say: “Legal does not necessarily equal safe.” It is up to each one of us to decide what is “best” and what is “safe” for ourselves and our families. For those of us that want to take extra safety measures, you are in luck. There are a lot of affordable options out there that can filter the water coming into your home. The best of these systems will leave you with the cleanest, safest water possible.

Home Water Treatment Systems

Always Affordable Plumbing believes in providing the very best for our community. We are passionate about helping you keep your home plumbing at its best, and that also means helping you provide the best tap water possible. When it comes to home water treatment systems, there are a lot of choices you may have heard of. Some of these only filter water at one tap, like the kitchen. Some of these require adding salt to your water. Or expensive “conditioning” filters. It can be very overwhelming trying to pick out the right water treatment system.

Here are some of the things we think are most important when shopping for a water treatment system:HALO 5 always affordable plumbing

  1. easy installation
  2. treats the entire home
  3. low maintenance
  4. effective

Easy to install means that there is not going to be expensive retrofitting, re-piping, or remodeling.

We think it makes the most sense to have a water treatment system that treats ALL the water in your home. This means clean, safe water in the shower, sink, kitchen, and even garden hoses.

Low maintenance means you should not have to spend a lot of time cleaning or replacing filters, or adding chemicals. I mean, the point of this is to REMOVE chemicals from your water…not have to ADD chemicals!

Finally, effectiveness. The water treatment system you use has to actually CLEAN your water to appropriate levels.

Ready to Learn More About Water Treatment for Your Home?

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Dirty Tap Water | Water Treatment Systems