Garbage Disposal Problems? You Probably Used it Wrong!

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Garbage Disposal Problems? You Probably Used it Wrong!

Garbage Disposal Problems | Affordable Plumbing Sacramento

Most of Us Have a Garbage Disposal, but Few of Us Know This Fact About Them

We love to think of the garbage disposal as an indestructible, food waste eating sink monster! In many ways, they really are amazing. Interestingly, while most of us use a garbage disposal, few of us actually understand how they work. If you are having garbage disposal problems, then it might help to understand how it works.

It’s a Disposal, Not a Blender

Here is the biggest fact about a garbage disposal that most people don’t know: GARBAGE DISPOSALS DON’T HAVE BLADES! Most people think a garbage disposal works the same way as a blender. A series of whirling blades, chopping up food. In fact, a garbage disposal does not have blades at all. So how does it break up all that leftover food? Garbage disposals have “impellers”. These impellers spin around and force the food material against a fixed “grinding ring”. Think of the grinding ring like a cheese grater. Food waste breaks down into fine particles as it is pushed through the grinding ring. Now that food waste is less likely to clog up in your pipes!

How to Use Your Disposal Properly

Now that you understand how your disposal works, you should make sure you use it properly. According to InSinkErator, here are the steps to properly using your disposal:

  1. Start by running cool water into the disposal before turning on the disposal or adding food waste
  2. Keep the water running and turn on the disposal before adding food waste
  3. Slowly add the food waste, being careful not to add too much at one time
  4. Once all the food has been disposed, turn off the disposal and continue to run water for a few more seconds

Newer garbage disposals are designed to be able to handle just about any kind of food waste. However, while many of these items might be able to go through a garbage disposal, they can still clog your pipes and shouldn’t go down the drain at all.


  1. Fats, oils, and grease should NEVER be put down your drain as they will likely build up in your pipes and cause a major plumbing problem
  2. Coffee grounds won’t harm your disposal, but can build up in your pipes over time, causing a slow drain or a clog
  3. Egg shells also won’t typically harm your disposal, however, even when ground into small pieces they build up in pipes and cause drain issues
  4. Bones can jam up the impeller blades, but even if they make it through they can get stuck in your drain, causing a back up

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Garbage Disposal Problems | Affordable Plumbing Sacramento