Common Washing Machine Leak Issues | Affordable Plumbing Tips

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Common Washing Machine Leak Issues | Affordable Plumbing Tips

Always Affordable Plumbing Tips | Washing Machine Leak Issues

Flood in Your Laundry Room?

Follow these simple plumbing tips to find the problem…

If you walked into your laundry room to find a puddle, or worse, a flood, then it is time to inspect your washing machine. Always Affordable Plumbing is happy to come diagnose your washing machine leak issue, 24-7. However, with some very basic handy skills, along with our Affordable Plumbing Tips, you may be able to find and fix the issue yourself.

“When” it Leaks Helps Determine “What” is Leaking

A lot of washing machine leak issues are related to a hose problem or a gasket/seal issue. To help narrow down which area to check first, it helps to know when the washing machine leak is happening.

If at all possible, try to find out at what part of your wash cycle your washing machine is leaking. Is it during “fill”? Is it during “drain”? This helps narrow down where the likely issue is occurring.

Leak during “wash” or “drain”: inspect area around the water pump and attachments for leaks

Leak during “fill”: inspect the water inlet valve for leaks around valve and/or hose

Leak during fill: inspect water level switch and pressure switch tube for corrosion and/or leaks

Leak during “wash” or “spin”: inspect the cover gasket for damage and/or corrosion

Leak on front-load washer, near door: inspect the front bellows/boot seal for damage and/or corrosion

Simple Fix

Some of the repair issues you find may be more difficult to “DIY” than you are up for. Always Affordable Plumbing is always happy to help! However, sometimes the leak will be very obvious, and quite simple to repair. This is especially true for your major hose leaks.

The most common hose leaks are on the “fill” and “drain” hoses. These are also typically pretty easy to locate and replace.

Most washing machine hoses will last between 5-7 years. They eventually wear out from use, and from crimping (bending).

Best Consumer Reviews has a great article talking about the best, longest lasting types of hoses you can buy if you have a washing machine hose leak issue. Even their highest rated one cost only about $30! Replacing your washing machine fill hose is really quick and simple. It is basically like attaching a garden hose to a spigot.

The trickiest part is usually just a matter of being able to move the washing machine enough to get access to the hose connections. Always be extra safe when attempting any kind of “DIY” home repair: disconnect any power sources, and have the correct tools and parts available.

Affordable Plumbing Sacramento is a Call Away

If you need a help fixing your washing machine leak issues, your affordable Sacramento plumber is call away. Whether you need a new washing machine hose, a FREE Home Plumbing Inspection, emergency 24-hour plumbing services, a sewer line replaced, or have an issue with slow drains, Always Affordable Plumbing is here for you. Service, quality, and affordability for our customers always comes first. Call today to schedule your appointment!


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