Best Plumber Tips: Common Garbage Disposal Problems, Part 2

common garbage disposal problems-always affordable plumbing sacramento

Best Plumber Tips: Common Garbage Disposal Problems, Part 2

Always Affordable Plumbing Looks at Two More Ways Garbage Disposals Can Cause Headaches

Best Plumber Sacramento | Common Garbage Disposal Problems

A lot can go wrong with a garbage disposal. At Sacramento’s Always Affordable Plumbing, we wish one post were enough to cover all of the possible problems. Sadly, however, that is not the case.

In a previous post, we covered two opposites: noise and silence. To sum up that post, we can say simply that a grinding rattle is bad. On the other hand, so is a complete lack of noise when you turn the disposal on.

Likewise, for this post, we are looking at two more opposites: water staying where you don’t want it, and water going where you don’t want it.

A Quick Mention of Prevention

There are some problems that are likely easy for you to fix. Of course, an experienced and efficient plumber from Always Affordable Plumbing can tackle problems large and small. But the best way to keep a garbage disposal running properly is to treat it well. In other words, don’t shove difficult-to-break-up items down your sink. Don’t run it without at least water flowing in. And don’t pour fats, oils, or grease down it.

In short: Treat your garbage disposal well.

But sometimes, accidents happen. You may not notice a fork in the cup you dump out. Or you may not know that cabbage leaves should go in the compost pile, not down the disposal. Sometimes, well-meaning guests who help tidy up after a meal can be more “damaging” than helpful. You may be sweeping under the table. Meanwhile, a corner-cutting teen is pouring out a tureen of cold gravy.

It happens.

What Lies Beneath

The pipes leading away from your sink can only handle so much. Sometimes, an excess of stuff gloms together and keeps water from flowing freely. In other words, you get a clog. As a result, you may flip on the garbage disposal to get stuff moving again.

In many situation, the whirring blades make short work of the problem, and the sink drains as it should. However, that is not always the case. You may watch as the water inches slowly downward, barely trickling out of the sink. This can be a major pain, especially if the scummy or debris-filled water leaves a gross film as it oozes away.

garbage disposal cross section-always affordable plumbing

In the same vein, you may watch the water do … nothing at all. The problem could be a broken garbage disposal no longer breaking up the obstruction. Or it could be a plug farther down the pipe, where the disposal can’t reach.

You may want to try a kitchen-dedicated plunger. Or you could try a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Do not reach your hand into the murky sludge to feel around the garbage disposal, especially if it is still plugged in. Professional plumbers also typically recommend against using chemical clog removers that can be harsh on pipes. (And the people who use them.)

Firstly, a plumber can work to diagnose the cause of the standing water, from a clog to a broken disposal. Then, you can decide how you want to proceed.

Find the Leak

At least with standing water in the sink, the liquid is staying in a container designed to hold it. As gross as old sink water can be, many people prefer it to a leak.

Dripping water can create a range of problems. It can ruin items and surfaces it lands on. Water can create damp conditions that encourage mildew or mold to grow. It can ruin fixtures, walls, and floors over time. And it can create a dangerous hazard in areas where electricity runs.

A below-the-sink leak can come from many places—including a garbage disposal. The problem could be anything from a loose or broken seal to a worn-out gasket to a cracked shell.

Some careful observation can show you whether water is trickling from the top, sides, or bottom of your garbage disposal. The higher the leak, the more likely the problem is a faulty seal. But a drip from the bottom, such as where the reset button sits, can mean the unit’s time is up. A plumber can help install a new one.

Your Fingers Are Important—Keep Them!

Your garbage disposal may be something you don’t think much about—until there’s a problem. If yours gives you trouble you can’t figure out, use your fingers to dial (916) 970-0099 instead of poking around. We’re professionals!

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Best Plumber Sacramento | Common Garbage Disposal Problems