Protecting Pipes—and Your House—in Winter | Best Plumber Tips

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Protecting Pipes—and Your House—in Winter | Best Plumber Tips

Best Plumber Tips Sacramento | Winter Plumbing Tips Frozen Pipes

Protect Your Pipes in Winter

As an emergency plumber in Sacramento, Always Affordable Plumbing gets ready for the winter season each year. This area may not be Siberia, but it still gets cold!

We shared tips about preventing frozen pipes last year, but with the chilliest months arriving, the subject is worth revisiting. Water expanding as it freezes doesn’t care if you bookmarked that blog post. You should care about that water, though, since it can break your pipes and cost you thousands of dollars.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside … So Keep Those Pipes Warm

How do you stay toasty when the thermometer drops? You bundle up and keep away from drafts. Your pipes are no different. A pipe tucked in for the winter is less likely to freeze. Locate pipes exposed to air that can cool down, then wrap them in an insulating material. Remember to check your attic, basement, and any crawl spaces. Your garage is also a place where cold air may get to pipes. Think about how chilly it is when you step out of the house and into that big open space.

Freezing is also a problem for pipes that come into your house from outside. Be sure there are no gaps that will allow cold air inside. Use caulk or another sealant to close up any openings, no matter how small.

To be really kind to your pipes, Sacramento County recommends leaving the doors open on cabinets below sinks. This lets the warm air from your house heat the pipes more.

What If They Do Freeze?

Once again, Sacramento County has something to say about frozen pipes: Be sure to leave the tap open, and call a plumber. Still, you may want to try thawing it with a hair dryer set to “low” while you wait. Blast warm air at the pipe nearest the faucet, then work your way down.

How will you know a pipe is frozen? Water will trickle or not come out at all. This can impact faucets, toilets, and more. If this happens to you, shut the water off for the house (you know how to find the valve, right?) and call a professional. Ice may break a pipe, but the real damage happens after the ice melts. Liquid water will pour out and can damage whatever it finds.

Don’t let your pipes get to this point! Stop them from freezing in the first place. If that fails, stop them from causing extensive water damage once they thaw.

Always Affordable Plumbing is ready to help identify pipes that could give you trouble in the winter. 24-hour emergency plumbing services are also available, just in case.

Sacramento’s Best Plumber is a Call Away

If your pipes got the freeze, or you just need help making sure your plumbing is in good condition,  CALL ALWAYS AFFORDABLE PLUMBING, 24 hours per day, to have us check it out!

Whether you need a FREE Home Plumbing Inspection, emergency 24-hour plumbing services, leak detection, or just need us to replace your water heater, Always Affordable Plumbing is serving Sacramento with the BEST and MOST AFFORDABLE plumbing.

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Best Plumber Tips Sacramento | Winter Plumbing Tips Frozen Pipes