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Do I Need a New AC? | Solano’s Best HVAC Service

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Is it Time for a New AC? Here is How to Tell…

When facing this kind of summer heat many people start wondering how they can keep their house cool, while also saving money. If you are looking at some of the best AC tips for saving money, check out THIS POST. However, for many people with older homes, summer heat means you spend a lot of time wondering if your AC is going to finally breakdown! While nobody wants to have to take on the expense of a new AC, sometimes it is the best option. Additionally, a new AC can usually save you money month-to-month. Wondering if you need to replace your AC? Here is how to tell.

Your AC Is Not Cooling Your Home

This may seem obvious, but if your AC is running and running, but your house is still hot, then you might need a new AC. This is especially true if your AC unit is 15 years or older. Before you spend the money on a new AC unit, you should call Always Affordable HVAC Solano to come out for an inspection. The average life of an AC unit is usually between 15-20 years. However, that is with proper seasonal maintenance being done. Let’s face it, most people don’t even know that they should be doing seasonal HVAC maintenance! It is possible that an AC Tune Up service can get your AC running properly again. Either way, with that service, your AAP Technician will be able to let you know if your old AC is ready to be replaced, and your options.

Your Summer Energy Bill is Through the Roof

Listen, when it is 100 degrees plus out there, your energy bill is going to go up. It is expensive just to keep your house at a reasonable temperature, let alone to cool it to a level that you find comfortable. Following energy guidelines for setting your thermostat will help with your bill. So will being aware of “peak” and “off peak” rates. However, if you are following these guidelines, and your bill is jumping up a huge amount during the summer, then you might be due for a new AC unit.

Once again, this is largely going to depend on the age of your AC unit. If it is still newer (10 years or newer), then likely the equipment is still ok but just might need a good tune up. Always Affordable HVAC can inspect all the components, and check the refrigerant levels, to make sure things are working properly. We can also help you understand the best way to set your thermostat to save money, as well as provide you with other money saving tips. Older AC’s might just be at the end of their usable life, and might not be able to cool efficiently anymore. In this case, it is probably worth looking at the benefits of a new, high efficiency unit.

Your AC is Older Than 10 Years

AC efficiency is based on a SEER rating. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This is a government standard that was created for all HVAC units and has required more efficiency over the years. For example, in the 1990’s the minimum SEER rating was 10. In 2015 the minimum was raised to a SEER 14 in California. That is just the minimum, many manufacturers offer units with even higher SEER ratings. A higher SEER rating does not mean an AC “blows colder” or cools faster. A higher SEER rating means that a unit can provide the same cooling for less money.

What this means is that if your AC was installed prior to 2015, which was only 7 years ago, it is likely that the SEER rating is below 14. This is not illegal. It just means that your AC is not very efficient. For example, a SEER 20 is about 43% more energy efficient than a SEER 14. Not only will you notice that difference in your monthly summer energy bill, but that adds up to thousands of dollars of savings over the life of the unit. If your AC is older than 10 years and you are noticing that your bill is higher than usual and your house is not cooling down as much, you should call Always Affordable HVAC to schedule AC Tune Up Service. Again, a basic tune up service may be enough to get the unit running its best again and get you more time before having to replace it. However, this will also give you a chance to have your HVAC technician check the current SEER rating on your unit. From there, we can show you what it would cost to replace it, and breakdown the potential savings.

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