How Our Restaurant Commercial Plumbing Inspection Will Help You Reopen

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How Our Restaurant Commercial Plumbing Inspection Will Help You Reopen

Want to stand out from the crowd as Sacramento’s reopening continues? Then make sure your commercial plumbing is ready for reopening too!

Restaurant Reopening Guidelines | Commercial Plumbing Sacramento

If you are a restaurant owner in Sacramento, then these last few weeks have been very exciting. California has rapidly transitioned through the next phases of COVID-19 reopening, which means dine-in is finally an option for people.

Opening your doors is exciting enough, but this is also a critical time to make sure your Sacramento area restaurant is completely ready for reopening. This means understanding not only the COVID-19 guidelines in place, but making sure you capitalize on every opportunity to serve your customers.

Sacramento County Restaurant Reopening Guidelines

There are new expectations for Sacramento’s restaurant owners as they reopen. Primarily, your restaurant must implement new safety protocols to help prevent the spread of coronavirus to both employees and patrons.

Some general restaurant reopening guidelines include:


  • create a written, work-site specific COVID-19 prevention plan that includes risk assessments of all areas
  • train and designate staff/managers who will monitor and implement your COVID-19 prevention plan
  • perform constant quality assurance and quality control checks and update prevention plan as needed
  • be prepared to identify and investigate any work related COVID-19 exposures
  • implement disinfecting and cleaning protocols following CDC and EPA recommendations
  • increase fresh air circulation where possible, install high-efficiency air purifiers and filters when possible
  • utilize disposable menus and utensils or convert to digital options where possible
  • minimize “shared-use” items
  • install touchless hand sanitizer dispensers at entrances and exits
  • modify floor plan and max capacity to accommodate social distancing requirements
  • install physical barriers where needed


  • train all staff on COVID-19 prevention plan, which should include self screening at home policy for any person exhibiting signs/symptoms of illness
  • train staff on signs/symptoms related to COVID-19 as well as best practice prevention measures
  • physical distancing requirements and expectations
  • proper use of, and any required use of personal protective equipment such as face masks and gloves
  • stagger employee breaks/lunches to accommodate social distancing requirements

This is just a brief summary of some of the new considerations and requirements a Sacramento area restaurant needs to be familiar with in order to safely reopen. For the full California Department of Public Health guidelines CLICK HERE.

How Upgrading Your Restaurant Plumbing Will Help During Reopening

Once you can open safely, it is time to take a look at upgrading your commercial plumbing to accommodate some of these new guidelines. CALL Always Affordable Plumbing TODAY to schedule a licensed professional plumber to provide a walk through inspection of your restaurant plumbing. Things that Always Affordable Plumbing will be looking for include:

  • flow testing of drains
  • properly functioning touchless faucets
  • properly functioning touchless urinals and toilets
  • hidden leaks
  • worn plumbing equipment
  • proper maintenance of high volume commercial plumbing equipment (back of house/kitchen)

Our goal during this walk through is two-fold:

1. ensure that your restaurant plumbing is ready to get back to work after sitting stagnant for months

2. ensure that your restaurant plumbing equipment meets today’s new safety standards

There would be nothing worse than finally being able to reopen, only to end up with a backed up main kitchen drain, or a failed flush sensor in the bathroom.

Prevent Restaurant Commercial Plumbing Problems

While this Sacramento Plumber can’t speak to maintenance on kitchen equipment like stoves and burners, what we can speak on is the importance of preparing your plumbing!

If your restaurant has been closed for weeks or months, or even just had minimal use with take-out only service, then it is likely your commercial plumbing needs a little help to get ready for a full workload.

We cannot stress enough the importance of a commercial plumbing inspection as soon as possible if you are planning on reopening. Your commercial pipes and plumbing equipment have been stagnant for too long, and can face serious failure when put back under full load.

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Restaurant Reopening Guidelines | Commercial Plumbing Sacramento