Slow Drain Problems Solved by the Best East Bay Plumber Service!

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Slow Drain Problems Solved by the Best East Bay Plumber Service!

Slow Drain | Best East Bay Plumber

Are You Tired of Slow Drains in Your Kitchen and Bathroom?

One of the most frequent calls we get here at Always Affordable Plumbing is for a slow drain. This is the kind of problem that is annoying, but does not necessarily require an emergency call. Often times, people just accept that their drains are going to be slow. They don’t address it because they don’t realize how quickly and easily it can usually be resolved!

Hydro Jetting to the Rescue

One of the best tools for clearing a slow drain that we use at Always Affordable Plumbing is the hydro jet! Most people are familiar with the steel auger for “rotoring” through your clogged pipes. While an auger can be effective at clearing a pipe, it does not do the same thing that a hydro jet does.

Benefits of using a hydro jet include:

  • Uses no chemicals, just high pressure water
  • Pressure washes the insides of your pipes
  • Can cut through tree roots and impacted build up
  • Power washes away residual build up lining your pipes
  • Clears slow drains quickly
  • Easier on your pipes than an auger
  • Prevents clogging and slow draining

As you can see, using a hydro jet is a great way to not only clear a pipe, but to clean it completely to prevent recurrent issues. Additionally, hydro jetting will clean your entire drain line.

Do I Really Need Hydro Jet Service?

If you are constantly dealing with slow drains in your kitchen and bathrooms then hydro jetting might be the best solution. However, the reality is, every situation is unique. The best thing you can do is call Always Affordable Plumbing so one of our licensed, professional plumbers can take a look at the situation. We will inspect things thoroughly, and then present you with some options and estimates.


If you are not sure about calling out a plumber just yet, there are a couple of things you might try yourself.

Try a hair clog remover

One of the most common culprits of a slow bathroom drain is a hair clog! If your bathroom sinks/tub is draining slow, try a hair clog remover. This is an inexpensive and simple tool that just about anyone can use. This tool is designed to quickly and easily remove the hair clog, which is usually snagged and built up around the bottom of your drain stopper. Be prepared to pull out some pretty disgusting and gross hair clumps! If you do, you will be surprised how much better your bathroom sink or tub is able to drain now. A hair clog remover can clear a slow drain in less than 5 minutes for less than $10!  However, if after you remove that hair clog, your slow drain does not improve, then you definitely should call Always Affordable Plumbing. It is likely that in addition to that hair clog, you have a much worse clog further down the pipe than a drain snake can reach.

Try cleaning the P trapslow drain-best east bay plumber

If you are a little more handy than the average person, then you might try removing the P-trap from under your sink. This U shaped piece of plumbing is designed to hold water to prevent sewer smells from coming out of your drain. However, it also catches things that accidently get washed down the drain, like jewelry. It can also end up piling up with gunk and build up. Removing it is fairly simple. Start by placing a towel and small bucket underneath the trap. This will catch the standing water in the pipes. You will notice two large slip nuts above and below the P-trap. Loosen these and then carefully remove the P-trap, pouring any water into the bucket and letting any backed up water pour into the bucket. Once you have the P-trap, you can look inside it and see if there was any significant build up. You may have also noticed a the clog culprit fall out and into the bucket when you removed it. Clean the P-trap as needed and reinstall, careful not to over tighten the bolts. Be sure to test for leaks before you remove the towel and bucket by running water down the drain once it is reinstalled. This will also let you know if you cleared the clog, or if you need a plumber.

Don’t Put Off a Slow Drain

At the end of the day, you should not have a slow drain. Hopefully you can fix it with our simple tips above, but if you can’t, then call Always Affordable Plumbing. What you don’t want is a slow drain to turn into a clogged drain! Trust us, this ALWAYS happens at the worst possible time. For the best East Bay plumber service and the most affordable plumbing CALL AAP TODAY!!! Our licensed, professional plumbers will go over your options and make sure to get your drains running right again!

Service, quality, and affordability for our customers always comes first. Call today to schedule your appointment!

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Slow Drain | Best East Bay Plumber