Water Quality Standards-What’s In the Water?

water quality standards-always affordable plumbing east bay

Water Quality Standards-What’s In the Water?

Water Quality Standards | Always Affordable Plumbing East Bay

Our Water Standards Are Good, but Are They Good Enough?

Having safe and clean drinking water is one of our expectations here in America. In fact, we often take it for granted. According to WHO, 1 in 3 people around the world don’t have access to safe drinking water (World Health Organization). However, thanks to regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Clean Water Act, all our municipal water sources must meet drinking water standards.

Providing clean drinking water to our houses requires water treatment and sanitation. This removes many harmful contaminants. However, it can also put some things into our water that we may not want to drink. One example is chlorine. Chlorine is an important disinfectant that kills harmful bacteria and germs in our water. We can all agree that we don’t want bacteria and germs in our water. However, we can probably all agree that we don’t want to drink chlorine either. Is there a safe solution? Keep reading to find out…

How Strict Are Our Drinking Water Standards?

The Clean Water Act (CWA) began as Federal Water Pollution Control Act (FWPCA) in 1948. It was rewritten and renamed in 1972, and saw major changes and updates in 1977 and 1987. The EPA oversees water quality, however, it is each state is responsible for maintaining or exceeding federal standards. Regardless of water supply, it will need to go through a process of decontamination. This is to ensure drinking water is actually safe for us to drink. The EPA regulates drinking water by limiting the amount of contaminants allowed. These contaminants include:

  • microorganisms
  • disinfectants
  • disinfection byproducts
  • inorganic chemicals
  • organic chemicals
  • radionuclides

Essentially, water treatment includes a lot of filtration and disinfecting. However, it is difficult to completely eliminate all contaminants at a municipal level. That level of water treatment is very expensive. As such, the EPA sets “acceptable” levels of contaminants. While many chemicals and contaminants are regulated by the EPA, there are still many that are not included by the EPA. For example, did you know that there is no legal limit for how much chloroform can be in our water? Chloroform is a byproduct of chlorine, and is also a chemical used to make rubber. Ingesting high levels of chloroform can cause liver and kidney damage. Even short term exposure through ingestion can make you sick, and lower your immunity.

Additionally, some people worry that the EPA has not updated their standards in spite of new research on the harmful effects of many contaminants. Additionally, the allowable limits are designed for adults, not infants or children, or even pregnant women. While America may have some of the highest quality drinking water in the world, that does not mean that it can’t be better.

What is IN Our Water is as Important as What Is Not

The EPA sets allowable limits on contaminants. But wouldn’t you prefer to have NO contaminants in your water? Between questionable allowable limits and municipal water treatment failures, a home water filter is the best way to ensure pure, safe water. A high quality, multi stage, whole home water filter provides the safest and best water to every tap and faucet in your house. Not only does this mean excellent drinking water, this means that your plumbing equipment can last longer too! You see, a high quality water filtration system removes contaminants from the water that can cause damage and corrosion to things like your water heater, washing machine, dish washer, and fixtures. Not only will your plumbing equipment last longer, there will be no more unsightly mineral build up, inside or outside of your fixtures.

Upgrade Your Water TODAY!

Are you interested in learning more about your water filtration options? Then CALL AAP TODAY!!! One of our water experts will be happy to discuss all the pros and cons of each option so that you can decide what would work best for you. Additionally, we will provide you with a water test or your tap water, on the spot, so you can see just what you are drinking! CONTACT ALWAYS AFFORDABLE PLUMBING TODAY!!! Our licensed, professional plumbers will go over your options and even test your water for you! From there, we can provide an estimate on a recommended water treatment system. Don’t delay, improve the quality of your water TODAY!

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Water Quality Standards | Always Affordable Plumbing East Bay