Are Flushable Wipes REALLY Flushable?? | Sacramento Plumber Drain Cleaning

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Are Flushable Wipes REALLY Flushable?? | Sacramento Plumber Drain Cleaning

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Are “Flushable” Wipes Actually Safe to Flush?? The Survey Says: NO!

Let’s just keep this short and simple for everyone. When it comes to your toilet and what you can flush, stick to the 4 P’s:

The 4 P’s of Flushing




-PAPER (Toilet paper of course!)

“Flushable” wipes do not fit with the 4 P’s! So, despite what some companies will tell you, and what their marketing teams will swear by, even though you can flush a wipe, that does not mean that you should. When it comes to keeping your main drain clear, and your municipal water treatment facility working, DON’T FLUSH those wipes!

So, Why Can’t I Flush a Flushable Wipe?

The problem with wet wipes is that they often times do not dissolve quick enough in your drain pipes to not cause an issue. Remember, your pipes only work when water and appropriate waste can flow through them. All the way from your house, out through your yard, into the main sewer line that is in the street, and alllll the way to the water treatment plant of your city. That is a long way for things to have to travel! Any little blocks along the way can start to build up more debris and waste. A wet wipe is made of pretty strong material…certainly stronger than toilet paper. It has to be in order to stay wet, while still serving as a functional wipe, right? These wipes can get snagged or trapped in a dirty drain line before they get a chance to properly dissolve. Believe it or not, some of the snags can actually divert water around them, leaving a debris ball to solidify and harden in your pipes. Before you know it, you have a major drain blockage that is causing sewer backup into your house! Or even causing a major issue at the water treatment plant!

But Cottonelle Says Their Wipes Are Flushable!

OK, true. That is what they say. And they also have an endorsement from the waste water municipality in Jacksonville, the JEA. Basically, the JEA was so tired of dealing with massive sewer blockages caused by disposable wipes being flushed, that they partnered with Cottonelle in a PR campaign to teach people if you HAVE to flush a wipe, use Cottonelle wipes. Do Cottonelle wipes truly dissolve in water instantly? Possibly so. However, there is not enough research or evidence to fully support that claim, especially considering the extensive damage that wipes are causing to treatment centers.

Keep it Simple and Stick to the 4 P’s

Bottom line is that you can help prevent a drain clog or main drain back up by sticking to the 4 P’s of Flushing. Yes, wipes are a nice way to keep it clean. However, the pipe damage they could cause is not worth it. Whatever you choose to do when it comes to butt wipes, please DO NOT flush things like paper towels, baby wipes, napkins, feminine hygiene products, cotton swabs, face wipes, food, garbage, diapers, or cosmetic wipes down the toilet!! Those things DEFINITELY don’t dissolve fast enough in your pipes. We all make mistakes, and if you have made a few flushing mistakes and end up needing drain cleaning service in Sacramento or Solano, then call Always Affordable Plumbing!! We do the work right, and do it honestly.

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