What the Dentist Taught Me About Plumbing

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What the Dentist Taught Me About Plumbing

Don’t Wait for a Clog to Call a Sacramento Plumber

Routine Cleanings Can Prevent Plumbing Emergencies

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Maintenance routines are important. For example, you brush your teeth a couple of times a day. (Or at least we do at Always Affordable Plumbing in Sacramento. Why? So we don’t get cavities!) Yes, emergency trips to the dentist happen. But if you practice good dental hygiene, you are far less likely to have a problem. The same goes for your car (oil changes), house (gutter cleanings), and body (exercise and wellness checks).

So what about your home or commercial plumbing?

In the same vein as brushing away plaque and food particles on teeth, clearing out plumbing can prevent nasty buildup. In the case of pipes, however, you’re preventing sluggish flow and clogs instead of tooth decay.

Many people only think about their pipes when there’s an emergency. The saying “out of sight, out of mind” may make sense, but it can be bad for your house and bank account. In other words, ignoring your plumbing just because it’s not giving you trouble can cost you.

Clogs cause smelly backups and sometimes overflows, leaks, and other disasters. Water can damage floors, walls, and precious items, as well as create conditions hazardous to health.

Buildup is Bad

The tooth-brushing idea works very well when describing pipe-cleaning methods. If you leave buildup, mineral deposits, and debris on your teeth, the mixture can harden. Consequently, it becomes much harder to clean off over time. Meanwhile, bacteria can find more places to thrive and small cracks can widen into bigger gaps.

Similarly, buildup, mineral deposits, and debris left in pipes for years at a time can accumulate. As with teeth, this gross mixture can harden, becoming more cement-like as time goes by. Subsequently, the pipe diameter narrows, making it more difficult for water to get through. In addition, tighter pipes and built-up junk on the walls can snag larger or thicker pieces or debris. Growing tangles of hair, food, or whatever can choke the flow even more. Sluggish water doesn’t break up clogs well. Soon, the pipe might become totally blocked off.

Keep It Clean

Have you tried one of those water jets for your teeth? They really blast the stuck-on bits away, leaving you with a smoother feel. Hydro jetting works the same way. By sending high-pressure jets of water through your pipes, we can scour away years of built-up and solidified gunk and junk. Hydro jetting can also shear off tree roots encroaching into the pipe, as well as blast out any clogs.

These pipes need some help!

After that, you should have smooth sailing—or at least drains that work exactly the way they’re supposed to.

Remember, however, that you will immediately be putting all sorts of stuff into those pipes again. Hydro jetting doesn’t stop the accumulation process, but it does keep clog-forming conditions from developing if performed regularly. In other words, you can avoid a lot of bad surprises with a little planning.

Something to Smile About

Thankfully, you don’t have to clean out your home’s pipes after breakfast and dinner each day. Plumbing maintenance differs from dental hygiene in that it can happen less frequently. On the other hand, it’s not something to put off—unless you like being ambushed by plumbing emergencies.

Talk to Always Affordable Plumbing about setting up a routine maintenance schedule. We can recommend a plan based on your unique home and plumbing situation. We also perform hydro jetting and pipe maintenance for commercial enterprises.

Call Always Affordable Plumbing at (916) 970-009 for a home plumbing inspection. We can tell you the state of your pipes and let you know whether they’re look like you just brushed—or hydro jetted—or whether you have a potential disaster brewing.

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