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Best Solano Plumber Tips | Slow Drain Clearing

Tired of Your Sink Not Draining? Here is an Easy Fix!

Ever notice that your bathroom sink is not draining like it should? You brush your teeth, rinse, and then there is just water floating around. Maybe not a lot. However, it still should not be there! Your bathroom sink should drain quickly and completely anytime you turn the water on. Well, before you call for a plumber, consider these easy Best Solano Plumber tip for clearing that slow drain!!

Why Does Your Bathroom Sink Drain Not Drain??

Two things are usually going on with your bathroom sink drain that will cause a slow drain issue. First off, over time, just like all of your pipes, sludge and gunk can build up. When this happens, your drain pipes become more narrow, and water goes more slowly through them. Think about all the stuff that goes down that drain. All the crud and dirt whenever you wash your hands…soap build up, toothpaste residue, makeup when you wash your face. All of these things can leave behind a sticky residue in your pipes that cause slow down.

The second thing, and much more common issue with a bathroom sink, is going to be HAIR. Yes, I know we don’t think of hair when it comes to the bathroom sink, but hair clogs are the most common reason for a slow bathroom sink. Every time you brush your hair in front of the mirror, or wash your face, or put on make up…hair falls out and usually ends up in the sink. We don’t even realize it half the time. However, once the hair goes down the drain it usually ends up wrapped around your drain plug. Overtime, as more hair, and more gunk goes down the drain, your drain plug ends up developing into one big, hairy, goopy clump that causes a slow drain!

How to Fix a Slow Bathroom Sink Drain

The good news is, as common a problem that this is, there is a very easy, affordable solution that should not require a plumber (even an affordable plumber from AAP ;)). There is a simple tool that you can get at just about any home improvement store or on Amazon called a drain snake. They only cost around $5, and usually fix the problem in about 5 minutes!

Affordable Drain Cleaning!

That’s right! For $5 bucks and 5 minutes you can usually have your bathroom sink draining like new again! All without the time, money, or hassle of having a professional plumber come out. The drain snake is also a great option because it does not require any dangerous or caustic chemicals in order to be effective. It is very safe and simple to use.

Now, if you clear your drain with a drain snake, and get hair clumps out, but you STILL have a slow bathroom sink drain, then you probably have a bigger issue. That would be the right time to call Always Affordable Plumbing to help figure out what is going on. Here is another drain snake tip: it also works on your shower or bathtub drain! Of course that drain can clog up with hair too! So keep your tub draining right by clearing out hair clumps with a drain snake.

Hopefully our Best Solano Plumber tip for today has helped you out! Our goal is to provide our communities with honest and affordable plumbing services. The most affordable plumber is the one you don’t need to call!! However, when you need a plumber and are looking for the best Solano County drain cleaning service and the most affordable plumbing CALL AAP TODAY!!!

Service, quality, and affordability for our customers always comes first. Call today to schedule your appointment!

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Best Solano Plumber Tips | Slow Drain Clearing