Best Water Filtration System for Sacramento

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Best Water Filtration System for Sacramento

Do You Know What Contaminants Are in Sacramento’s Drinking Water?

Best Water Filtration Sacramento | Always Affordable Plumbing

Many of take for granted that when we pour ourselves a glass of water from our tap, that the water will be clean. We expect it to be without any chemicals or contaminants. We should expect that from our public water! For the most part, our municipal water is safe, and of very high quality. However, as discussed in previous articles, that does not mean it is as safe and pure as it can be. Do you want the most pure and safe water for you and your home? Then you need the best water filtration system.

Is Sacramento Water Dirty?

With the help of the Environmental Working Group (EWG) we can look at an unbiased analysis of Sacramento’s water. There are a lot of water utilities in the Sacramento area, so we will focus on one of the larger ones: City of Sacramento Main. This water utility serves approximately 500,000 people in and around Sacramento. Results from drinking water quality tests were provided to EWG by the City of Sacramento water utility and by the California State Water Resources Control Board. Additional information was provided by the EPA Enforcement and Compliance History database (ECHO). Nine contaminants that exceed EWG health guidelines, and 23 total contaminants, should give you pause. Additionally, it is important to understand that the City of Sacramento Main water utility complied with health-based drinking water standards mandated by the Federal government (in data provided between 2016-2019). As EWG likes to say, “LEGAL DOES NOT NECESSARILY EQUAL SAFE”.

What Kind of Contaminants Does Sacramento Water Have?

First off, the EPA sets the Federal standard for safe public water. These standards come from some of the best research available and smartest scientists. However, there have not been updates to these tap water standards in nearly 20 years! Just think about how much data, research, and advancements in our knowledge has occurred in the last 20 years…most industries evolve and improve with 20 years of information. Yet, our Federal standards for drinking water quality have not changed.

This is where the EWG comes in. The EWG has created a set of water quality standards that exceed our Federal standards. According to the EWG website, “…to arrive at these standards, EWG reviewed the best and latest scientific evidence, legal standards and health advisories, and then we defined water quality goals that will truly protect public health.” Based on this information, let’s consider some of the contaminants that were found in Sacramento’s drinking water. This is just an example of 4 of the 23 contaminants that are objectively present in Sacramento’s drinking water. What is maybe debatable is how much it too much? Arsenic is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as one of the top 10 chemicals of major public health concern. According to EWG,

“In 2001, the EPA set a legal limit for arsenic in drinking water of 10 parts per billion, or ppb. But the EPA’s analysis showed that this limit was not low enough to protect public health, potentially causing up to 600 cancer cases in 1 million people who drink arsenic- contaminated water for a lifetime. A more recent EPA analysis, from a 2010 draft report, suggests that arsenic is much more toxic than previously estimated.”

Are you comfortable having you, or your family, drinking arsenic?

What is the Best Water Filtration System for Sacramento?

The single best way to improve the water quality from your tap is to filter it. There are several options out there, and many manufacturers.

In general, the three main options for water filtration are:

  1. Carbon filter
  2. Reverse osmosis
  3. Ion exchange

Each option has pros and cons. In general, carbon is going to be the most affordable option, but is limited in what in can filter out. Reverse osmosis is generally considered the most effective water filtration method, but can be expensive and can need a lot of maintenance. Ion exchange filters are generally used to “soften” your water, removing calcium and magnesium which can corrode your plumbing. All three of these options can work together. They are available in “point-of-use” methods, like a filtered water pitcher. They are also available in a whole-home system.

Point-of-Use vs. Whole Home Water Filter Systems

A point-of-use system can be very affordable and practical. Additionally, they are generally portable. Point-of-use can be a water pitcher, like a Brita, which uses a carbon filter. There are also “under-sink” systems, particularly for reverse osmosis, that filter water from just one tap. Typically this is installed in the main kitchen sink so that filtered drinking and cooking water is available. A reverse osmosis system uses multiple filtration methods to filter out many more contaminants than carbon alone.

Other common point-of-use systems are the water dispensers found on most modern fridges, which are often carbon filtered. It is super important to remember to change these filters as recommended in order to maintain quality, filtered water.

A whole home system is generally expensive, can require significant maintenance, and can also waste water. However, these systems provide filtered water to the entire home, including showers and baths. Filtered water is not just healthier for you, but it is also healthier for your plumbing. In this way, a whole home system may help prevent scale and damage to your plumbing fixtures and equipment. It is common for a whole home system to have multiple stages of filtering, including carbon, which makes it a more effective system in terms of removing a variety of contaminants.

What Does Always Affordable Plumbing Recommend?

Our recommendation is simple: decide first and foremost what you think is best for you, in terms of water quality. Are you comfortable with Federal water quality standards? If so, then fantastic! Do not waste money on a filter system.

Do you want “better than tap” water but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Invest in a point-of-use carbon filter system.

Would you prefer very high quality, safe water and can invest a little bit into it? Then we recommend looking at an under-sink reverse osmosis system.

Do you want the highest quality, safest water available throughout your home? Then we would recommend a whole home system.

Get the Information You Need to Make a Choice

Are you interested in learning more about your water filtration options? Then CALL AAP TODAY!!! One of our water experts will be happy to discuss all the pros and cons of each option so that you can decide what would work best for you. Additionally, we will provide you with a water test or your tap water, on the spot, so you can see just what you are drinking! CONTACT ALWAYS AFFORDABLE PLUMBING TODAY!!! Our licensed, professional plumbers will go over your options and even test your water for you! From there, we can provide an estimate on a recommended water treatment system. Don’t delay, improve the quality of your water TODAY!

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