Slow Drain in the Bathroom? Try These Plumbing Tips

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Slow Drain in the Bathroom? Try These Plumbing Tips

Always Affordable Plumbing Tips | Slow Drain Issues

Do Your Bathroom Drains Always Seem Slow?

Try these easy tips to see if you can fix it yourself…

A common complaint that Always Affordable Plumbing receives is for slow drains. This especially happens in the bathroom sink or tub. There are many reasons why a drain might be slow, and some of them require a professional plumber in order to correct the problem properly (CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT DRAIN ISSUES THAT NEED A PROFESSIONAL).

If you are having slow drain issues in the bathroom sink, shower, or tub, try these simple tips to see if it fixes the problem:

Hair Removal

This funny looking tool works like magic to pull hair clogs out of the drain.

Hair clogs. These are the notorious culprit in most slow drain issues for the bathroom. Especially in households with people who have long hair. Hair falls out and is washed down the drain, but gets snagged in the drain holes. Over time, more and more hair catches, which can lead to a larger blockage. A hair clog may not always be visible from the outside of the drain, but it can still be easily corrected using a simple hair removal tool. For less than $10, this tool will easily remove any hair clogs in your drain, much more effectively than caustic and expensive chemicals. The best thing is that this tool can be used over and over so that you can always keep your drain hair-free.


Over time, soaps, lotions, fats, oils, and grease can build up in your pipes. This restricts the flow of water by narrowing the inside of the pipe. This build up also makes it easier for other things to catch and plug up the drain. Build up can cause slow drain issues in any of your drains. However, most often this type of build up is seen in the kitchen sink. Build up can be dissolved using chemical agents, but those are typically expensive, very dangerous, and can cause damage to your pipes.

An alternative solution is to use some inexpensive household items: hot water and dish soap. It is simple, inexpensive, and pretty effective. Simply pour some dish soap down the slow drain and follow it up with a good amount of very hot water (almost boiling). BE VERY CAREFUL POURING THE HOT WATER!!! The hot water dissolves the build up, and the soap breaks it up so it can be washed down. Follow up by running hot water for several minutes. This will help to rinse the drain and pipe well.

Quick Fix

These two suggestions should correct common slow drain issues. They are easy to do and affordable. You may need to clear hair from your drain, or dissolve build up monthly to keep your drain working properly. However, if you successfully cleared a hair clog, and tried to dissolve any build up, but your drain is still slow, then you should call a plumber. This could be a sign of a bigger problem further down your pipes than you can probably get to. Always Affordable Plumbing is available 24-7 for all of your home plumbing needs!

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