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Best Solano Plumber | Hydro Jetting Your Drains

Best Solano Plumber-Hydro jetting Your Drains

“Roto Rooting” is OK, but to Really Clean Your Pipes You Might Need Hydro Jetting

Most people are familiar with the term “roto rooting” when it comes to clogged drains. While “Roto Rooter” is actually the name of a plumbing company, the term has become synonymous with drain clearing. However, there are better methods available these days when it comes to clearing your main drain. Keep reading to learn how you can best clear a clogged drain and help keep your drains their best!

What is “Roto Rooting”?

Trade name aside, when a plumber is talking about “roto rooting” what they are referring to is the process of clearing out a clogged drain using a tool called an auger, or “snake”. A plumber will run a flexible rod through the drain and down the pipe. At the end of the rod is the auger tip, which have different designs.

A professional plumber’s mechanical auger spins forcefully as it is pushed through the pipe, cutting up and clearing any blockages along the way. Specifically, these were designed to carve out roots that had intruded and blocked a main drain pipe, hence the name. However, they are useful for clearing all kinds of pipe debris.

Benefits of Using an Auger

Using an auger has been the go-to drain cleaning tool for decades. Even today it has its benefits. Those benefits include:

  • more affordable than hydro jetting
  • quick fix solution
  • readily available
  • very effective on stubborn roots

The downsides of using an auger are that they may not completely clear out the drain and they can cause damage to older pipes. Sometimes an auger is just a quick, affordable fix, but you find that your drain clogs up again in a couple of months. There are options for you if you want to keep your drain working its best.

Is Hydro Jetting a Better Option?

In recent years, a new option has become available for clearing out main drains. That option is called hydro jetting. Hydro jetting is a tool that uses extremely high pressure water spray out of a metal nozzle tip to cut through and clear drain clogs. Like the roto rooter tool, it is attached to the end of a flexible tube or hose, and is fed through the drain out towards the main drain at the street. The

high pressure water cuts through debris like a knife. The other really important benefit of hydro jetting is that it also cuts through all built up sludge and crud that builds up and lines your pipes overtime. Essentially, a hydro jet will completely clean the inside of your pipes, restoring flow to what it should be.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting

As mentioned, hydro jetting is quickly becoming the premier choice for homeowners that want their pipes flowing at their best. Benefits of hydro jetting include:

  • completely clears and cleans your pipes
  • great long term solution
  • excellent as a maintenance service to keep pipes clear

The downside of hydro jetting is that it is more expensive than an auger. It takes the right equipment, training, and technique. Some people have found it not as effective for severe root intrusion compared to an auger.

Which Service Do I Need for My Drains?

How do you know if you need your drains roto rootered or hydro jetted? Well, if the toilets and tubs are backed up, it is probably from a major blockage in your main drain. That needs one of these services. If you get frequent clogged drains, or slow drains when you use a lot of water (like washing dishes), then you might have a chronic pipe issue like sludge build up or root intrusion.

Deciding between a traditional auger and hydro jetting should really come from the advice of a professional plumber. Of course we understand that price will be a factor, but our licensed plumbers will also make sure you fully understand the pro’s and con’s of each option, as well as provide you with our own, honest recommendation. We might also utilize a pipe camera to assess the pipes for damage, roots, and other blockages, so we can be completely sure of what needs to happen to restore flow to your drains. If you are ready for a main drain inspection or need drain cleaning, CALL AAP TODAY!!


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Best Solano Plumber-Hydro jetting Your Drains