Best Vacaville Drain Cleaning Solutions

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Best Vacaville Drain Cleaning Solutions

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Forget Roto Rooting-for the Best Drain Cleaning, You Need Hydro Jetting!

When it comes to clearing out your drains, you need a reliable and effective drain cleaning service. Stop wasting time and money on old school methods that don’t do the trick. If you are having drain issues, then you need the best drain cleaning service! Ask your plumber about hydro jetting!

How Do I Know I Need Drain Cleaning?

Over time, your drain system will slowly start to clog. This happens naturally as sludge, grime, and waste builds up on the inner lining of your pipes. Everything from soaps, food waste, and human waste contributes to this sludge. The build-up takes up space, leaving less room for water and other things to pass through your pipes properly.

You will know that your pipes need a drain cleaning service when you notice that water does not drain out of your sinks, tubs, and showers very fast. You may also notice that your toilets plug more frequently, or that you find water backed up into your tub. These are all common indicators that your pipes are starting to plug up with sludge and grime.

When it becomes really bad, you will find yourself having to use your drain clean-out frequently to relieve a clogged line. Sometimes you may notice that after doing the dishes, your kitchen sink is backed up. Or after a shower, there is standing water. This all happens because the build up in your pipes is slowing down your drain.

Will a Rotor Root Service Clear My Drain?

Most people are familiar with “roto” drain cleaning. It consists of a metal blade that is run down your pipe on the end of a wire, and that spins rapidly. The blade is supposed to cut through any blockages that are slowing down your drain. This is a technology that has been around for decades now. However, that does not mean that it is the best option always for drain cleaning.

A roto blade type of drain cleaning is best indicated for a substantial blockage. This may be something like serious root intrusion into the pipe that has almost completely blocked off your pipes. Additionally, roto clearing may be useful when something is accidentally flushed that blocks up your pipes. This may be something like paper towels or feminine hygiene products. The blade is used to cut through those items, restoring flow. However, this is not always the most appropriate or effective method for really clearing your pipes.

As mentioned above, your pipes develop a lining of sludge and grime over time. As this gunk hardens, it makes the inside of your pipes smaller, so water and waste can’t drain as fast. Additionally, your pipes become more prone to blockages. This is extremely common and is the case for most older houses already. A roto rooting type of drain cleaning service may not be the best option for this.

Hydro Jetting is the Best Way to Clear Your Drains

Hydro jetting is a newer, yet very simple method of truly clearing your pipes and restoring your drains. Instead of a blade, hydro jetting uses high pressure water to blast away years of grime build-up inside your pipes. Whereas a roto blade might be preferred for some types of blockages, hydro jetting is actually a more effective and safer way to restore proper flow to your drains. A hydro jet uses a specially designed nozzle, which streams high pressure water at various angles inside your pipe. Your plumbing technician advances the hydro jet hose through your pipes, allowing the high-pressure water to blast away the layers of hardened grease, fat, oils, soap, scum, and sludge.

This method is an excellent choice because it truly clears away the entire inside lining of your pipe, whereas a roto blade will only clear out what it can reach. Additionally, a roto blade can cause significant damage to the inside of your pipes if it is not sized properly or used properly. Another great thing about hydro jetting is that it does not require the use of any chemicals. It simply uses high pressure water. This high-pressure water is great at dissolving and removing pipe build up, as well as clearing out minor blockages and clogs.

Call Always Affordable Plumbing Vacaville to Clear Your Drains

Always Affordable Plumbing in Solano and Sacramento recommends hydro jetting drain cleaning service as part of your ongoing drain maintenance. It will help prevent bigger problems down the road. It may also be the right choice if you are experiencing a major clogged drain. However, the most important thing to know is that Always Affordable Plumbing technicians are trained to identify your plumbing issue, and offer the best possible solution.

If you are experiencing slow drains, or clogged drains, our technicians will take the time to figure out what is going on before simply telling you what service you need. In some cases, a roto cleaning will be the best option. Other cases, we may recommend hydro jetting. Either way, our plumbing technicians are trained in all drain cleaning methods.


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