Do I Need Reverse Osmosis? BEST HOME WATER FILTER

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Do I Need Reverse Osmosis? BEST HOME WATER FILTER

Best Home Water Filter System | What is Reverse Osmosis?

Have You Heard of Reverse Osmosis? Does Your Home Need It?

When it comes to drinking water, we all want the best and safest water. That means water that does not have chemicals or by-products in it. Sacramento tap water is generally very high quality. Water districts are required to meet Federal EPA water quality standards. However, that does not necessarily mean that the water couldn’t be better. For example, did you know that your tap water is legally allowed to have chlorine levels HIGHER than what you find in a swimming pool?? If you want the best possible drinking water in your home, then you should consider a home water filter system. One great option is known as “reverse osmosis”. Keep reading to learn all about it!

What is Reverse Osmosis?

When it comes to home water filtration systems, it is all about filtering out the stuff we don’t want in our water. The type of filter system you choose will determine how much “stuff” you can filter out. For example, a basic carbon style filter, as found in Brita systems and most fridge water dispensers, is an excellent and affordable filter. However, it is limited as to the things it can filter out. In order to filter out the most things from your water, the filter must be able to capture incredibly small particles. A reverse osmosis, or RO system, does this better than a standard carbon filter. RO is the process of forcing pressurized water through a very small membrane. This small membrane can capture more things, and smaller things, than a standard carbon filter. In fact, a reverse osmosis filter can remove contaminants and particles that are 500 X’s smaller than what a carbon filter can capture!

Does Reverse Osmosis Really Make a Difference?

For excellent water taste, look, odor, and feel, a RO system is going to be far superior to a basic carbon filter. Of course, carbon filter is ABSOLUTELY better than having nothing. For example, a carbon filter will remove chlorine, same as a RO system will. However, an RO can also remove things like bacteria and viruses, while a carbon filter can’t. A RO filter can also remove parasites, arsenic, and fluoride, while a carbon filter can’t. What this means for your water quality is pretty significant. Not only in regards to providing pure, clean, safe water, but also in eliminating any weird tastes or smells from your water.

Do I Need a Reverse Osmosis Filter for My Home?

If money was not an issue, we would recommend that every house has a RO system installed. At the very least, you should be using a carbon filter. However, an RO system, while more expensive than carbon, is a worthwhile investment in your health and water quality. Sacramento area water is generally high quality, however, it still has “legal limits” of contaminants that you probably don’t really want to drink. This includes things like chlorine and arsenic.

Any Downside to Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis systems generally are installed under the kitchen sink. This means that the only tap water that is being filtered is going to be the kitchen tap water. That may not be a big deal, but it is not as convenient as a whole home water filter system. Interestingly, some people don’t like the flavor of pure, filtered water by reverse osmosis. If you are used to the taste of your tap water, then once all the minerals and contaminants have been filtered out it will taste differently. This isn’t bad, just different, and might take some getting used to. If you are interested in getting a reverse osmosis filter for your home, call AAP for a free, in home water test! This is a great way to understand your water quality and really understand how a water filter can improve your drinking water. Our licensed, professional water expert will go over all of your water filter options, and show you the amazing HALO Water System that we promote!


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Best Home Water Filter System | What is Reverse Osmosis?