How a Home Water Filter Helps Your Appliances

How a Home Water Filter Helps Your Appliances

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A Home Water Filter Does More Than Just Keep You Healthy, it Can Help Keep Your Appliances Healthy Too!

We have talked a lot about the importance of filtering your home water. Despite Federal regulations for water quality, your tap water is not always as clean or safe as it can be. A home water filter captures those contaminants at your tap that don’t get filtered at the public water treatment center. As important as it is to make sure you are putting pure, clean water into your body, there are other important benefits for installing a whole home filter system. The biggest benefit will actually save you money over time! Keep reading to learn more.

The Problem with Sacramento Tap Water

Like most municipal water supplies, Sacramento and Solano county tap water is not perfect. For one thing, they are prone to high levels of chlorine and chlorine by products. Chlorine is used at the treatment center to sanitize the water. This is extremely important and beneficial to preventing bacteria in our water. However, chlorine levels of our tap water can exceed levels found in a swimming pool!

Most of us don’t want to drink highly chlorinated water. The water coming out of the tap no longer needs high levels of chlorine. That water is going into our bodies as drinking water, or into our food for cooking, or being used for bathing. Aside from chlorine being toxic to our bodies, it is also very harsh on our pipes and equipment. High chlorine levels can eat away at copper pipes, plastic joints, gaskets, and fixtures. This can result in damage and leaks.

The Hard Water Problem

In addition to chlorine levels, Sacramento and Solano tap water carries various minerals in the water. Overall, these minerals are not dangerous to us. However, over time, these minerals will start to form deposits in our pipes and fixtures. This can look like white, crusty build up around the faucet and cloudy glassware after coming out of the dishwasher.

Not only is this unsightly, it is actually causing damage to your appliances. If this is the mineral damage that you can see, imagine what is building up where you can’t see! Those same minerals are building up in your pipes, narrowing them and restricting flow. The build up commonly plugs up showerheads. Your water heater element gets corroded, and build up actually can decrease tank capacity. Everything from the washing machine to the dishwasher is losing efficiency because of mineral deposits.

How to Extend the Life of Your Appliances

Unfortunately our tap water may be damaging our appliances and equipment. This may cause them to need replacement sooner than they should, which can be a major expense. If you want to ensure your equipment is able to work its best, then you should consider a whole home water filtration system. A complete system will filter out all contaminants and chemicals, as well as condition the water of minerals. Always Affordable Plumbing recommends the HALO 5 Water System for the very best in whole home water solutions. If you want to learn more about water filter systems, call AAP today! Our water experts will provide you with an in home water analysis of your actual tap water to show you what you are drinking and putting in your appliances. Then they can go over solutions and options with you.


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