Best Water Filtration Options for Your Home

Best Water Filtration Options for Your Home

What is the Best Method for Having Filtered Water at Home?

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Your city tap water is supposed to meet strict quality guidelines. This ensures that your drinking water is safe and high quality. Even when your city water meets quality standards, it does not always mean that your water is as safe as it can be. At worst, your city water may have contaminants that can be harmful to your health over time. For instance, there was recently a city in Texas that ended up with a deadly bacteria in its city water, killing a young boy. Additionally, most people remember the Flint water crisis. Situations like these are very rare. Most city water is extremely safe to drink. However, it does cause people to wonder if there is a way to have even safer and cleaner water.

Many Water Filter System Options for Cleaner Water at Home

When it comes to filtering your water, there are many options available.

  • The simplest choice for many people is to purchase bottled water. However, in one of our recent articles we explained that bottled water may not be any better than your tap water.
  • Most modern refrigerators have a water filter built in to a cold water dispenser. These provide very convenient, cold, filtered water and ice cubes in the home. The filters on a fridge are very similar to another common alternative, the filtered water pitcher. They both primarily use carbon filters.
  • Filtered water pitchers, like a Brita, provide a very budget friendly and portable way to get filtered water.
  • Under-the-sink reverse osmosis systems take filtration up a notch from a standard carbon style filter, able to filter out much more contaminants, and do it much more completely.
  • Whole home systems are plumbed into your water inlet, providing filtered water to every water outlet in the house. These systems may use different mediums and materials for filtration and water conditioning, and may also still need something like a reverse osmosis system to be installed in house.

How Do You Define the “Best” Water Filtration System?

To call something the “best” we must first agree on the requirements. This can be very subjective. Some people want filtered water but at the most affordable price possible. Budget friendly options typically sacrifice a little on the filtration side. Meaning, they may be extremely affordable, but may not filter out all the different types of contaminants.

For some people, “best” means filters everything possible, at every possible water outlet. These systems are incredible and provide the highest level of purity and filtration, however, they can be very expensive. Ultimately, the best water filtration system is going to be the one that makes it easiest for you and your family to drink cle

HALO 5 always affordable plumbing

an, filtered water.

Even a budget friendly option, like a Brita water pitcher, is totally useless if the inconvenience of filling it and waiting for it to filter, makes it too inconvenient to use. Additionally, some water systems require regular maintenance or replacement filters. Often times, people will put off the time and cost of performing maintenance or replacing the filter, and they end up with tap water running through a clogged filter that is basically useless.

What Does Always Affordable Plumbing Recommend?

If you are looking for something that filters more completely than your fridge filter, or than a Brita water pitcher, then we have just the thing for you. Always Affordable Plumbing is well known for providing honest plumbing advice, and when it comes to water filtration systems, we recommend HALO water systems. The reasons are simple:

  1. Whole home pure, clean water
  2. Easy installation
  3. Maintenance free
  4. 5 stages of filtration

Want to learn more about this great option? CALL TODAY to schedule one of our water experts! We will not only explain the benefits of a HALO water treatment system, we will actually test your tap water and show you what’s in it!

Ready to Learn More About Water Treatment for Your Home?

If you are curious about learning more, CONTACT ALWAYS AFFORDABLE PLUMBING TODAY!!! Our licensed, professional plumbers will go over your options and even test your water for you! From there, we can provide an estimate on a recommended water treatment system. Don’t delay, improve the quality of your water TODAY!

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