3 Common Plumbing Issues EXPLAINED

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3 Common Plumbing Issues EXPLAINED

Common Plumbing Issues | Best Plumber Sacramento and Solano

Here Are 3 Common Plumbing Issues Plumbers See All the Time

There are so many different things that can go wrong with your plumbing. It is hard to know when a problem requires a professional plumber. Some issues are pretty simple to fix on your own if you are relatively “handy”. Some definitely need the experience, tools, and skills of a Always Affordable Plumbing technician. Below are three very common issues that we commonly come across, explained.


A sudden increase in your water bill can signal a major problem. If your water bill has suddenly jumped, you need to examine a few things. For starters, is there an obvious increase in use? Maybe you filled your pool more because it is summer. Did you just turn your sprinkler system back on? Did you have an extended visit from the in-laws? If there is no clear increase in use, then you need to consider that there is a hidden leak going on. Before you call a plumber for leak detection, do a little detective work yourself.

The most common source of sudden increase in water use is a running toilet. As the flapper wears out, the toilet will continue to autofill to maintain tank levels. This is essentially the same as leaving a garden hose on all the time, and can become quite costly. So, go around and check your toilets first. Then check your faucets and fixtures for drips even when they are off. Finally, take a look under the sink. You will want to look at the supply connections coming out of the wall, looking for signs of water damage or leaks.


Replacing a toilet flush kit is an inexpensive and simple fix that most people can do on their own. Leaking fixtures and supply lines might require some help from a plumber though, depending on your level of comfortability. If none of these things appear to be leaking or damaged, then you should call Always Affordable Plumbing for leak detection. That sudden spike in your water bill might be due to a serious leak in your walls or main lines. Without the help of a plumber, these types of leaks are usually not found until they have caused significant water damage! So don’t ignore that bill, and CALL A PLUMBER right away.


Maybe you sat down on the “throne” and noticed it rocking a little bit. This might indicate a minor and simple fix, or could mean a bigger problem. Here is what to do:


There are two bolts on either side of the base of the toilet. Make sure these are not loose or wiggly. If they need to be tightened, just tighten them finger tight (or you could crack the porcelain).


If the bolts seem tight, but the toilet is still off balance, then there might be a problem with the wax ring. This is where things get a little more complicated. Changing out a wax ring is actually not that difficult to do on your own. Just please have help to lift the toilet off, and to reset it properly, though.

However, inspecting for water damage when you replace the wax ring is critical. Sometimes that takes a trained eye from a professional plumber. Additionally, there is a bit of skill on setting the toilet to make sure the wax ring seals properly to prevent leaks. It also needs to be balanced to prevent wobbles. Our licensed team of plumbing technicians are happy to take care of this quick repair job for you!


Grungy image of dirty brown water running from a water stained faucet

If you turn on your tap and the water is discolored, foamy, bubbly, or smells different then there could be a serious issue going on. You will want to call Always Affordable Plumbing Sacramento and Solano right away for a complimentary water analysis. Meanwhile, here are some possible explanations:


Bubbly, “white”, cloudy water is usually an indication that air is in your pipes. This is not an issue and usually happens when it gets very cold outside.


However, brown or yellow water can indicate rust. Usually if there is rust, it has leached in from old pipes. Green can come from old copper pipes, like those seen in Folsom. These are major health hazards that should be addressed right away. Not only do you not want to drink that water, it can indicate that some major plumbing lines are about to break. Our team can provide a water analysis to see exactly what is in your water. We will also do leak detection to see if there are any leaks related to the problem. We are also experts at home water treatment options. This might be the perfect time to look at the many benefits of a in-home water filter system.


Service, quality, and affordability for our customers always comes first. Call today to schedule your appointment!

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Common Plumbing Issues | Best Plumber Sacramento and Solano